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4.2 Practicing in controlling

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Just as our body is one evolutionary differentiated co-operating matter-unit, so is our mind the prototype of one's own ideas under self-integrating conditions transforming into energetic codes of conduct and habits. Together they form one mentally embodied IDentity. One differentiated integrated fusion of body and mind. 

The one cannot do without the other. Without energetic ideas no lively a(u)tomatising body and without lively a(u)tomatising body no energetic ideas. 

But who determines the conditions? For evolutionary ideas can make humankind [divinely] unconditional and break [devilishly] conditionally. They have a neutr(in)al source. An evil gen(i)us who honors the starting-point that anyone who does not selectively conform to right-of-the-strongest methods is not very wise [i.e. a fool] and everyone who does so is. Turns against you [your own ideas ] before you know it. Plenty of autoimmune examples.

That is namely the result 

  • if you tolerate neutr(in)al influence. 
  • If you work together on the basis of egocentric ideas instead of righteous ones. 
  • If your own [baby-like] ideas in that evolutionary body only have an ear for those ideas that have the best chance of pleasant survival. 
  • Then you follow the right-of-the-strongest selection. 
  • Is your body in the Skinnerbox* of the right-of-the-strongest ideas a(u)tomatized before you know it. 
  • And if you're not careful your mind with it [otherwise it will feel so baby-lonian].  
And then again try to come out of it justly.
  • Without cracks.
  • Without a minimal functioning body as a result of a nerve-racking tug-of-war between your ideas and evolutionary ones. 
  • Without splitting of body and mind. 
  • Without a babylonian confusion of speech between your ideas and those of your right-of-the-strong ideas loving body. 
Because that one doesn't fret about leaving the Skinnerbox. It doesn't see that it has ended up as an egocentric conforming frog* in an imaginary box full of neutr(in)al conditions. It thinks it's a good way to survive. It thinks. Until.... 

For the enthusiast below are various exercises and reflections in the field of controlling signals, structures and automatisms of [un]righteous ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits.