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Mind you, that tree is poisonous, make sure that you don't eat those fruits, they are deadly', mother says to her daughter. The other one you can just eat, that doesn't hurt you, that one is okay. It's even healthy. It keeps you young'.|

Do you know what those trees are?', asks father, who has heard the words, to his daughter, when his wife has disappeared out of sight.
'The good tree and the bad tree', answers his daughter, proud of her newly acquired knowledge.
'The tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life', he corrects. 'The tree of life lets you live forever. If you eat of the tree of knowledge, you know exactly what is good and evil. So don't let yourself be fooled', he says mysteriously, while unfathomably continuing his way, his daughter confused leaving behind.

With a penstroke [or an quirky translation] a story gets a new face. An imaginary face, for instance of a father who, with neutr(in)al midwifery techniques as a Socratic starting point, wants to let others acquire the [self]knowledge of an evil gen(e/i)us. A bit of verbal pushing, massaging, slowing down, stopping...
In line with his dark predecessor Heraclitus*, with his conflict-seeking universe full by logos coordinated opposites and the illusionary two-unity State of his successor Plato*, the philosopher Socrates* was master at leading you astray with similar cryptic questions and answers. Also the idolized [fore] father of the Jews, the Christian son [Christ is Latin for anointed] and the impersonal, indefinable God of the Muslims and their prophet, seem to have a divine hand. We also know of the "divine trinity" - the Jewish ideas of the father, and the from these arising Christian conditions of the son and Islamic customs of the holy spirit - no evil.

Not even if...

  • sickly a-narc(h)is(sis)tic ideas such as 'people make in our image and likeness* that they may rule over the earth and all that lives in it, on it and above' and those who don't, who detest that, if not hate it, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth* with the vengeance of the sword* harassingly repay - as that divinely power-hungry father of the Egyptian addicted Jews said -

will be answered with....

  • sickly conformistic conditions as remaining unconditionally friends with the genetic source of the power-hungry ideas, by turning the vengeful one's also your other cheek - as did his divine father worshipping son of the Christians [for he was grateful that he was created in the image and likeness of a divine father, so he could rule over the earth as well] - and...
  • sickly communi(sti)cating self-assertion habits as mentally unconditionally remaining friends with sickening ideas and physically, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, retaliate hate with vengeance, by letting others just as sickly turn the other cheek as the holy spirit of the Muslims - who All those [genes] who want or have to spiritually worship power-minded ideas, physically let be one narcissistically conforming IDentity full of sadistic ideas, masochistic conditions and sadomasochistic codes of conduct and habits.

Even though they do not bring peace but the imaginary sword*...
...of power-hungry fathers who with Heraclitic divide and rule techniques punish you pharaotically with the most terrible things,

  • such as constant beastly force up and
  • crossing/crucifying with the Egyptian addiction to 'their' power-hungry ideas and
  • antibodies, if you don't submit just as conform sly to the copy sly idea of,  under unconditionally accepted likenesses, creating lord-ly narcissistic habits*

like the divine father of... and Sara and Abraham.

In short:
you are imaginatively divinely philosophically warned ;-),

  • if you unconditionally accept the ideas of evolutionary politics enterprising familiy-leaders and/or family-members and others;
  • if you do NOT critically examine all your own and internalized ideas, as your motivation is (un)consciously reticularly attached to the evolutionary ideas and resulting conditions, codes of conduct and habits of the networks of an evil gene(i)us of past and present;
  • if you do NOT only want to keep the good because - under the guise of: ignorance is bliss, is better for various parties - you want to keep and develop your, wether or not good, life also in the future unscrupulously;
  • if you unconditionally accept your self collected ideas of you and others so that, under the condition of unconditional acceptation habits, you will become an by unscrupulous networks accepted IDentity;

then a mental knot of internal and external ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits, or else an internal and external - mentally and physically - split personality is your destiny. Are you neutr(in)al trapped in a Gordian Isis knot of power-hungry ideas unconditionally worshipping by rewarding narcissistic self-assertion with conformist habits.

And then you're stayed in the neutr(in)al world [be in trouble].

  • You will never again be able to independently control individual ideas, social conditions and responsible codes of conduct and habits for righteous attunement and eliminate unrighteous ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits as undesirable intruders, before putting the label 'my IDentity' on them. Because that is the result if you do not, or not sufficiently, think for yourself.
  • Or you think and even change your mind but then subject your forehead [frontal centre] to the evolutionary memory from the back of your mind, because you don't want to be confronted with the heavy consequences if you manage your individual thoughts independently.
  • Do you in no time likewise put the neutr(on)al lead for anyone who does not a(u)tomatically love his enemies neutr(in)al.
  • Do you in no time likewise put the neutr(on)al lead for anyone who does not love his enemies a(u)tomatically neutr(in)al. For anyone who molecules individual ideas and the therefrom derived conditions, codes of conduct and habits to his or her physically evolving entity and that - as an ID entity - a(u)tomatically assertively protects and as such goes through life.
  • Are your own ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits electronically offside. 

Just like [those of] neutrinos. They were also weighed and found to be too light.
[Could they therefore rush through us every second in large numbers? Are they trying to make it clear to us that this evolutionary nutshell means nothing?
For those scientists can say that those tiny pipsqueaks who are passing through you with billions at a time, can't hurt you, but they also haven't understood a string theory about it. They' re only think-imagine about it [Dutch lit: think-image = idea]. Are firing imaginary messages with neutrinal messengers, while they are completely in the dark network about their intentions. That's what you have with those heads, are constantly floating in a neutr(in)al network, that changes its shape like a conformist as soon as the environment changes. Are energy-guzzlers. Do you get dark ideas from. Of those Heraclitic ideas that neutrinal ideas lead a(u)tomatically... to intrinsic and extrinsic habit conflicts yes].

According to the right-of-the-strongest philosophy everything is allowed; after all, as long as you do so based on neutr(in)al evolving ideas, of course, because

  • only this way you can shamelessly persuade, overtrump and subjugate others to your limitless dominating ideas,
  • only this way you can, until the end of time [even if you have physically long since perished], be the conductor of the counterpointic [= counterpart] ideas and therefrom derived conditions, codes of conduct and habits of others,
  • only this way you can govern the will, the skills and the doings of others, from a distance,
  • only this way you can let the, whether or not humane righteous, own ideas and voices of others go down ingloriously,
  • for that is the only way to be [an] Antique wise/philosopher, according to the in a neutr(in)al way dominating leaders of the theory of evolution.

And there you are with your mentally continuously all kinds of neutr(in)alising ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits in your physically continuously opposite-evolving nutshell.
It seemed so nice, unconditional acceptance. "I unconditionally accept the ideas, and therefrom derived conditions, codes of conduct and habits of whether or not divine [fore] parents and/or others, and I expect others to do the same".
"I am who I am' and 'we are who we are', the supporters of unconditional acceptance shout with fire. That they are reticularly biting into their own upperhead [chief] they are not aware of. There they haven't eaten a tree of knowledge of conscience of. 
For 'what doesn't know, doesn't hurt, if I don't control whether or not my ideas are fair, my conditions are reasonable and my codes of conduct and habits are not damaging, I don't have to account for my actions'. Then "hab ich es nicht gewusst" [I haven't known] what kind of warlike events took place in the back of my mind, in the backyard of a poisonous networking family-society'... they think.

After all, someone who selects does not accept unconditionally, whether these are its own ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits or those of others, whether natural and effective or creative. And someone who unconditionally accepts does not select ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits. That one likes everything. That lets father's water quietly run over Noah's field. That damages and lets damage. That continually sacrifices itself and others as ruler and help, even if it is a medullary cross.

In other words, unconditional acceptance leads gen-e-t(h)ically to Nyx. That's a divinely satanic idea that you need / serve... to accept. Which means accepting, or resigning, because that means accepting literally. 
Acceptance is the result of the choice of the selection yes or no. After all, you couldn't do it either. Acceptance is therefore always preceded by three steps: a selection, an consideration and a choice. 
Accepting something or someone unconditionally is making the choice not to set conditions. If I accept my ideas unconditionally, I have made the choice not to set conditions to my ideas, even if that has undesirable consequences for me and others. I let my ideas quietly flow through my head and that of others. 
When I unconditionally accept [the ideas of] others I give them the space to do whatever they want, even if that has undesirable consequences for me and others. I let their ideas quietly cross my mind and that of others.
Even if I unconditionally accept the ideas of others but not those of myself and manage and control my life myself, I leave the ideas of others uninhibited in my sphere of influence; I give them power over my do's and don'ts and therefore - autoimmune - over my results. 
Coincidence, too, is helped a divine or satanic impulse hand by unconditionally accepted ideas. 
The result is that I lose control over my ideas and will. And also self being able to, self doing and self-management I no longer have in my brain-hand. That is what the conscious and 'coincidentally' guiding ideas of others do for me. I am who I am' turns out to be 'I am who others want me to be'.

And who are you then? Your own self-developed - ie, your self-undressed, analyzed and structurally dressed - ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits, or a 'natural selection' of the genetically-historical guiding ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits of [fore] parents and others?

Tell me, what's your IDentity? And what do you want it to be? An Intelligent Design of the internally developed ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits of yourself, or an Effective Selection of by others sown ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits that you unconditionally accept? Or do you want both? Do you want to be an intelligent design of someone who effectively selects who and what fulfils the conditions of others? An Intelligent Design of a conformist who on ' natural ' conditions selects individualistic ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits and accepts them unconditionally? And/or that makes others believe? A by your genetic-historical family in a 'divinely Intelligent Designing' way develish gen(e)-ius designed copy.... or an internally self-designed IDentity?

So, look before you leap with unconditional acceptance of the ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits of whether or not divine parents and others. Before you know it, you have to bring the sword an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth,  to physically and/or mentally kill their and your enemies virally, to love them bacteriophage, or to charm them in some other 'phage/vague' way and put them conform 'own' ideas.
Do you get similar a-narcissistic  conforming IDentities from. They feel just as divinely chosen as you do. How can it be otherwise, they conform to everything that toots the a-narcissistic [family] horn, after all.
So they never do anything wrong. That's beneath them. Don't they know anything about... anything lower. Or they forgot. That's why conformists have no conscience. 'Ich hab es nicht gewusst' ["I didn't know"], they say when it gets unpleasant. When they have to put the truth on the table. When they have to share their knowledge. And don't you dare say anything about that. To criticize their unscrupulous views, arrogant conditions and BeesT-like codes of conduct and habits. That's where they have the hate for. After all, they behave [like an] a-narcissistic Elder. They are on the Über side of Ich, to speak in terms of Freud's Es-Ich-Über-Ich*, or Id-Ego-Superego theory. They have passed the Ich stage, according to the Parent-Adult-Child theory of Harris*. They react like a spiritually neutr(in)alised information in physically a(u)tomated habits transforming Identity, that jumps unscrupulously Über Ich like a rider on horseback. To teach Mature responding offspring a Superegocentric Id lesson in Ego-sly spinning around. With that divine Heraclitic nut as the midwife-ing/and prisoner of Socrates.
That's where the lactic working family-State has the Egyptian layered mouth Platonic full of. They strain conformistic Untermenschen as a-narcissistic Übermenschen before a divinely communistic trap.


  • so you create quite/free-willing/voluntarily henchmen who quickly forget everything that is unpleasant.
  • So you form liars, ostriches and family secrets.
  • So you fabricate an unscrupulously dictating family-society full of a narcissistic ideas, conformistic conditions and communistic family-habits. 

In other words,

  • so you cultivate a family-society full of divine egoists who, with similar conducting sticks [batons], will do anything possible to make everything higher sing a Platone lower and drill everything lower into the ground. 
  • So you belong, after all.
  • So you are
    • also a twofold split personality, an Über-Ich, a 'witty' Übermensch with the pathetic Ich as Es physically Untermensch.
    • Also an unscrupulous one who is pathologically jealous of people with a conscience.
    • Also an unscrupulous one who enviously forgives the 'sins' of others. In the hope that they will lose their conscience just as conformistly, or just as a-narcissistically let take away as they have done themselves.

Together with the rest of Socrates' a-narcissistically conforming family-society.

New choices, new opportunities... 
Do you know how you want to manage your IDentity, amidst all those a-narcissistic conforming Über-Unter-IDentities? 
If not, you just start all over again.

Once upon a time, there was a child who didn't allow itself to be fooled...