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From an Authoritarian society where you're never sure of your life, and your control over your own life will constantly be put into question and / or degraded, to a Believable community where you can be yourself and it's good to live for ever­yo­ne; the world is populated with creatures of various plumage. Attune there just human-righteous without damaging your­self or an other.
And that's what righttosay aims to do. Because this site will not just talk about design and right of say about your own identity and form, develop and maintain your own point of view, but also about aligning them on the rest.
The attuner, the conformist and the slave.
Attuning means: such a consideration with the expectations of yourself and others that your own identity - meaning your own values, standards and sense of responsibility - remains intrinsic consistent; thus, a coherent unit, and extrinsic at an appropriate distance, as much as possible not incompetable [inconsistent] connected with others. An at­tu­ner is there­fore intrinsically consistent and extrinsically only where possible.
Conformity however, is your own identity – that is your own values, standards and sense of responsibility - subordinate to those of others. Then your identity is extrinsically consistent with the values, standards and responsibility feelings of others but intrinsically inconsistent with your own. A conformist is therefore intrinsically consistent wherever possible and extrinsically consistent with a particular person and / or group culture.
An slave/addict goes a step further by replacing own values, standards and a sense of responsibility by others. That's [has become] a collective [group] identity, who keeps intrinsically consistent extrinsic values, standards and feelings of res­pon­sibility in, while presenting that extrinsically as personal identity. That one is intrinsically totally dependent on the va­lues, standards and accountability feelings of others. That's not a whole egg, like the attuner, not half an egg, like the con­formist but an empty shell.
Authoritarian personalities
And that is exactly what authoritarian personalities like: consistent on their goals synchonised conformists and slaves to form an authoritarian culture with. They have only one problem ...., because slaves who since childhood have been iden­ti­fied with authoritarian personalities, have to do the same as the authoritarian personality as they have grown up. But that also forms a future threat. They are intrinsically slave and authoritarian personality at the same time after all. They feel slave - because they have no identity, no own values, standards and sense of responsibility [or have those thrown overboard], but one that is dictated from outside [or adopted for strategic reasons] - but react [whether or not in the name of ...] in fact as an authoritarian personality. And the conformist has a hidden agenda. Which openly says yes-yes, but does secretly no-no. Also not very reliable. And the attuner is only consistent in the case of having the same interests intrin­si­cal­ly. Yet install themselves thereby at the same height as the authoritarian personality and that's what autho­ri­ta­ri­an perso­na­li­ties don't like. Those want from Authoritarian to Bossing [controlling] all those who dance to their tune, with in the the end a hierarchical society with the authoritarian personality as a slave-driver at the head.
Attuners don't accept that. They attune their own identity equivalent with those of others. Where needed they go from At­tu­ning to Backing all those who haven't learned yet to consistently shape and maintain their own identity. Those are attuner and supervisor at the same time. 
And that's an thorn in the eye and a nail in the coffin of the authoritarian personality, because they only wants slaves around them who want to serve and need an authoritarian personality until the end of time and need. No independent personalities of his or her equal, otherwise the authoritarian personality feels so dependent, so addicted.
In other words,
an authoritarian personality and a slave is one and the same; two of an kind. He [or she] is addicted to a regal position and likes only slaves around which have been intimidated by him [or her]. Slaves who bow their heads, averting their look childlike shy and nervously take the necessary distance as the authoritarian personality look at them, or is ap­proa­ching them. He [or she] calls it respect and honor. The authoritarian personality is literally at nothing to achieve and maintain that goal. And the slave allows intimidating, takes the necessary distance and bows and intimidates in the name of the authoritarian personality anyone who does not bend, who is not intimidated, who is not two hands in one glove with the authoritarian personality. And the attuner says no, I don't do that, that one dissociates itself with arguments and continues his or her own way. And the conformist eat it both ways and does look like the slave and inwardly as the at­tu­ner.
.... Is righttosay about cultures and everything related to it. And even more: about the feasibility of it. Because culture is a shared vision which is made visible in values and standards. And joint perspectives can be amended at the individual level [as this site shows] as well as in common. And that is much needed in a world populated by a growing number of authoritarian slaves who try to force others the will of authoritarian personalities and conformists who say one thing and do another.
.... settles righttosay our lack of self-criticism, the way we attune, we criticise others, we cover up guilt, we hide from our past, we apologizing our mistakes and avoid responsibility for [our lack of] our own values and standards.
.... you find on this site all kinds of food for thought. About yourself, about your values and standards and sence of responsibility, about how you day-in-day-out treat your fellow man, and about how you socially and politically attune to the rest of the world.
.... all sorts of political and social point of views and alternative solutions are contributed on this site. 
Because if we want to change our culture in a liveable culture without violence, abuse of power and loss of identity, right of say and freedom of expression, we shall have to begin to recognize the characteristics of our present culture. We shall have to look at the source of it. We shall have to characterize ourselves, we shall have to see who we are and what we [in heaven's name, for heaven's sake] are doing. We shall have to define how we interact with others, when we are slavishly, when we are confor­mis­tic and when we are attuning. We shall have to see to what extent we are authoritarian and to what extent an Authority. To what extent we [like to] Mastering ourselves and to what extent we [want to] Mastering others. How we [want to] attune to our own values and standards and how we [want to] attune to those of others. How we [want to] Back up our­sel­ves and how we [like to] Back up others. In short, we shall need to know how we are cultivating. Righttosay will help you to do that. Sometimes polarizing, sometimes provocative, sometimes cryptic, but always concerned.