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From childhood I have been fascinated by the world around me. Sometimes literally, as at birth [1949], entangled in the umbilical cord, and as a toddler, at the goatpin and on a leash, because I was so enterprising and didn't want to walk by the hand of my mother. Sometimes figuratively, by the diversity of ideas, requirements, codes of conduct and custums that day-in-day-out, year-in-year-out were poured on me. Where I was supposed to hold me on, but what I didn't want because I couldn't make sense of these in-dependent bond father conducted and mother organized.
It has made me who I've been become: a philosophical observing and analytical structuring organizer, who attempt to decipher, unravel and structure that evolutionary tangle, that the homo-sapiens-family has created of themselves and each other, and try to inspire that in and to non-damaging directions and lifestyles.
Because I may be a – by genetic family ties chained - product of [Achterhoek / Dutch] ancestors, I am also an independent mind for myself and my descendants and others.
To the annoyance of the homo-sapiens-family, because they want no logic and reasonableness and independence. Those have placed themselves on a divine pharaotic pedestal. Those react like an ape and manage and tolerate like a beast. With all the consequences for those who stoical let that happen and / or  conformistic hunting after that.
Therefore I placed all kinds of views, ideas, philosophies and writings on this site, where the like-minded his or her thoughts and considerations can let go of.
te Winkel