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Life is balancing. Is constantly figure out what we want, what others want and looking for ways to alighn fairly. But, where do my wishes, opinions and choices end and do those of others begin? And how do I deal with that without losing my I-core and damaging that of others? How do I ensure that I do not harm both myself and others? And how do I deal with all those who do want it, who don't want to be limited, even if that results in ruthless damage to themselves and others?
In short, how do I deal with a malignant DNA past, sadomasochistic environmental factors in the present and manic-depressive future perspectives full of paradise-like ignoring [head-in-sand] underworld-politics?
In this book about self-management, a historical and contemporary booklet is opened about the future management of your own coherent thinking and doing. Well there are many paths to self-management. To explore, signal, structure, procedure, automate, control and identify with and present all those incoming and outgoing signals. And many step-by-step plans. Go ahead.
Do you want it imaginary elementary in genetic-historical steps? Then follow the main road ....
from the Cause to the Introduction to Historical ideas, Contemporary conditions, Future codes of conduct, and Eternal habits of compounded IDentities who want historically lead out you in a devilish divine way.
Do you want it according to biological conditions in contemporary-atmo-spheric steps? [Atmo = according to my opinion] Then follow the middle road ....
of Signaling, Structuring, Automating and Controlling all those contemporary atmo-spheres.
Do you want it according to human codes of conduct, in the future, in self genetically-atmo-spheric preprogrammed machine steps? Then go on the road ....
Practicing in signaling, structuring, automating and controlling of humane pre-programmed operating systems.
Do you want to check it yourself in a humane, coherent IDentity? Then go your own way ....
and follow the trail of exercises at the end of the four main roads in your own way and reform yourself into a unique structured identity.