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2.1 Structuring

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We do it 24 hours a day: structure. Consciously and unconsciously, we are hour-in-hour busy to detect, define, interpret, select and structure all incoming and outgoing signals into the desired system. However, question is, the desired system from whom. From our historical family society, from our present and future selves, or from the [whether or not by us desired] future family society? For the sake of whom do we actually structure all those signals, because of the genetically-historical family tradition, and therefore of the future automatisms of the family environment, of our contemporary and future selves, for the sake of everything and everyone, of the past, present and future of ourselves and others, or purely for ourselves? 

Imagine that we have made a c)osmo(s)tic-lichen family node of all old and new signals. That we have knotted all the in- and extrinsic signals in an osmotic way in a lichenic family-identity. With an Electric Charge blue exotoxin [= bacterially externally toxic] energy signals on the moldy-shady exterior and endotoxinal [= bacterially toxic inwards] on the toxic interior. You come home from a blue-blooded funfair if you think that will make you happy. With moldy-shady sperm-cells neutrinally ray-driveling on the family outside, namely, it is easy catching scaredy-cats. And they put it, along with an a(u)tomatically thalamizing proton egg, gyrusal neutronizing on the genetic inside to make [themselves divine - evil] and break [others damned - good]. 

Although they seem concisely [core oriented] chosen this way, in practice they turned out to be quite zygotic quarked. That is why this neutronally crowned scaredy-cat  is divided into two + one signals just like that thalamic proton egg, with which it forms a concise connection. One on behalf of the family-societal exterior and two on behalf of the genetically-cored interior. Which we, as number four, have to keep gluontically together. And try that to interpret and conduct independently. You will not succeed in that for a long time. These extrinsic signals from that spermatically neutrinalizing family-society poison our intrinsic y-egg signal from genetic history in such a way with: 'you have to do what we want or you will be non-social', that we [can] hardly distinguish between extrinsic and intrinsic, if we try to respond to that. Not to mention between one's own [Dutch dubble meaning: egg-gene] and strange and good and evil.

Because let's face it, how can you determine yourself which signal deserves priority and which you group as good and evil, if you are in osmotic equilibrium with a moldy-shady outside world that cycles through everything neutrally? You are not neutrinal towards someone who knows no difference between mine and thine, don't you? To someone who is limitless? That makes you even so boundless yourself. How do you want to determine where your limits are if you want to or must be one with a neutrinal environment and/or be one with a genetic core that is one with a boundless space of others taking family-society? How can you determine what your own signal is if your space is systematically occupied by the signal from exotoxinal extrinsics? How do you know what the signal of your genetic self is if your genetic self forms an osmotic connection with the environment?

An eccentric environment that incentrically takes up more and more intrinsic space, because it is in an osmotic connection with the rest of the extrinsics. 
  • So has no privacy. 
  • So has no room for himself [because everything belongs to everyone]. 
  • So is feeling unimportant, because the more important someone is, the more space he and/or she occupies, according to Edward T. Hall [see 1.1 Signaling, 5th paragraph]. 
  • So consider that as unpleasant, because the other person has something he or she does not have. 

  • So either avoid the unpleasant [see Signaling 1.1], or get angry at everything and everyone who feels or is more important than he or she [because everything belongs to us all]. 
  • So either ostrich-like no longer sees what is important [mine and thine], or becomes stinky jealous of everyone who creates and manages their own space, the more if it goes in such a way that there is no argument about. 
  • So either it only deals ostrich-like with unimportant things and [for him or her] pleasant people, or purposefully enters into battle with what is [more] important and unpleasant. 
  • So either it can't stop anymore with doing unimportant things, or constantly fight because there is always something or someone more important or unpleasant.

  • So becomes either an unimportant specialist in unimportant entertainment, or an important specialist in a conflict of who is most important. 
  • So becomes either a pleasant collector of unimportant entertainment, or an unpleasant hunter of everything that is [more] important. 
  • So either literally and figuratively needs more and more [body] space for unimportant entertainment, or literally and figuratively hunts more and more for important [main] space. 
  • So either the unimportant [literally and figuratively have no private space and therefore is unimportant] masochistically screws up to something extrinsics - and therefore important, or the important [literally and figuratively have a lot of private space and therefore is 'important'] sadistically dismiss as something intrinsics - and therefore unimportant. 

  • So either privately having little [main] space has degraded neutrinally to something unimportant, or having a lot of communal [body] space a(u)tomatically elevates to something important.
  • So either courtly/head itself ostrichs in an overcrowded city space as something unimportant, or position itself physically as an important fighter in an excessive rural space, that has been collected in a "pleasantly" warring way, thanks to a deliberate hunt for unpleasant bright-sighted people.
Because that is what you get when you masochistically ostrichs that the main goal is: collecting intrinsically little to no private space and extrinsically collectively doing unimportant things with pleasant people. 
  • Then you have to hunt purposefully for important things and unpleasant people and ostrich them in a sadistic way in an eccentric straitjacket, because they have cost incentrically so many worries [whether or not clairvoyant].
  • Then you are forced to work purposefully ostrich-like together, by positioning yourself extrinsically spermatically as a universal fighter [and therefore important] and intrinsically egg-celled as a unique courtier [and therefore unimportant]. 
Someone who deliberately keeps himself ostrich-like on the plain with universal signals and with that gathers zygotic peers around him. Species who, stressed by too little [main] space, have made it their motto to universally hunt for everything that is unique. That combative go on with extrinsically breaking down what was intrinsically constructed. 

Because only if you shoot yourself in your own eccentric foot and hit the incentric head, you belong. 
  • Are you intrinsically just as extrinsically rotated [out of control] as the borderless people from the environment. 
  • Are you not a deliberate me plus an ostrich-we. Just like them.
In other words, watch what and how you structure. Before you know it, your intrinsic and extrinsic signals have been turned around. Are extrinsic hunters intrinsically gathering your important signals and are you supposed extrinsically to hunt universal for everything that is unimportant to you. Are your unique signals intrinsically degraded to something unimportant but extrinsically classified as universally important.
  • Because a boundless family society is a never-enough neutrinality. And if you set limits, they are highly offended and they react zygotic that they are social and you are not, because they know from the neutrinal a(u)tomatised prince and princess no a-narc(h)is(sis)tic evil. They know how to do it, as they are divinely good.
  • Because that's what you get in an environment that makes no distinction between mine and thine. It hangs around us like a dark neutrino cloud, rushes through our identity with great arrogance, structures it where it suits them and expects us to a(u)tomate that neutronally, and check it .... for limits and self-worth.
  • Because the neutrinal family-society does not like that. They want a-narc(h)is(sis)tic group-value because that's the only way they count. And only if they count they are satisfied.
In short, you have been warned. If you choose to be in an osmotic connection with an a-narc(h)is(sis)tic family-society, you may no longer distinguish between the signals from yourself and those from others. Then you will in no time also be part of one genetically cohabiting signal.

Because those are the consequences if you want to belong in an a-narc(h)is(sis)tic family-society.
  • Then will their signals, be your signals, their needs, your needs, their choices, your choices, their (re)actions your (re])actions, their judgment, your judgment.
  • Then you are one, the signals of yourself and others a-narc(h)is(sis)tic damaging, group identity. A (c)os­mo(s)­tic-­lichen knot.
  • Then has their identity become your identity.
  • Then you may be part of an identical we, but your own identity, your own signal does not belong there. 
And if you don't want that, if you choose your own identity with your own signal, if you define your boundaries in a non-damaging way and as such - in a non-damaging way - align them with those of others, you are a-narc(h)is(sis)tic constantly attacked by a (group) identity that is constantly trying to damage your identity.

So ...., say it, how do you structure?