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The evolution of a life is like an unknown path of life that, from the beginning to the end, runs in according with certain patterns.
Biologically speaking we talk of life cycles, experientially seen from life stages.
We characterize the stages of life, generally spoken, usually as youth, maturity and old age. Each phase has mentally, physically and socially spoken its own characteristics and developments.

In the course of time, all sorts of names and layouts have been devised for the phases of life by one and another. Very well known are the 8 phases [5 youth phases and 3 adult phases] of Erik Erikson, a German-American psychoanalyst, specialized in developmental psychology. [See here for more information].

After I had studied various literature about this, in connection with the birth of my first child [1984], and all observing, analyzing and combining it, I gradually developed my own theory.

I came to four basic phases of 4x9 months in the first three years of life, which are repeated periodically in later years.
My hypothesis is that the rational and emotional life of a person evolves on the basis of the development of four phases of nine months.
These four phases [which are a repetition of the nine months before birth] take place intrinsically in each individual and extrinsically, as part of a family / group in the small world at home and the big world outside.
In these four basic phases all sorts of individual, social, responsible and independent developments arise, in the area of ​​wanting, be able to, doing and being.

I see this same phenomenon on an larger scale. In the form of 4x3 periods that together form the childhood [0-12].


  1. baby & toddler period [0-3],
  2. kindergarten period 3-6],
  3. school period [6-9] and
  4. prepubation time period [9-12].

This first [basic forming] stage of 12-year is then repeated in the

  1. pre-adult years [puberty / adolenscence stage] [12-24],
  2. adult years [24-36] and
  3. post-adult years [36-48].

These 4x12 stages together form the first life cycle where all kinds of new knowledge and experiences are recorded in our physical system.
This cycle is repeated the next 4 x 12 years in respectively

  1. seniors [48-60],
  2. post-seniors [60-72],
  3. elderly [72-84] and
  4. post-elderly stage [84-96].

And then everything starts all over again; with a new cycle, new stages, new periods and new phases.

This theory has become the basis for all my writings.
Further explanation and clarification will follow at a later date.
For the time being, this document hereafter only contains the original text and diagrams from the 1980s.