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2.2 Practicing in structuring

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You choose. Either you isolate your own signals from those of others and structure all incoming and outgoing signals into your own unique system, with all the risks of confrontation with the signals and interpretations of others, ór you form an identically identifying and interpreting unit with others, but it constantly collides with your own signals and interpretations. Just as long as you, beaten tot a jelly, your own signals and interpretations, that is, your own signal system, that is, your own unique identity, have exchanged for a universal one. 

Because that is the result if you want to keep it pleasant. If you do not want a conflict with the environment, but also not with yourself. If you think you can maintain peace by interpreting in a universal way and functioning in a universal way. 
  • Then you link war and peace together in (c)os­mo(s)­tic-­lichen way. 
  • Then you only get peace if you force yourself and others to submit to the law of the strongest.. group. 
  • Then you must uniformly combat all exclusivity in yourself and others as being unpleasant; as too peculiar [also: own-nice], too un-inhibited, too self-willed. As too threatenend for the warlike peace of the group. And therefore too un-important. 
  • Then you tolerate that the lie rules, injustice triumphs, that good is bad and bad is good and own preferences, expectations and mistakes, the preferences, expectations and mistakes of the group. 
  • Then you accept that self-criticism is criticism of the group. And therefore conflicting. And therefore unpleasant. And therefore undesirable. 
In other words, it is choosing or sharing. Either you are an independently structuring system but you are constantly in conflict with people who want to force their peace strategy on you and others through warlike means, or you conform and you have a conflict with yourself until you no longer have any self.

For the enthusiast, below are various exercises and reflections in the field of structuring and systematizing signals, ideas and conditions of ourselves and others.