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1 Historical ideas

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The similarity between a (c)osmo(s)tic-lichen system and our [rocky] appearance and [cosmic] interior appears to be greater than we think. 
* A compression of cosmos, osmotic and lichen = (c)osmo(s)tic lichen.
On the outside, we are just like a conformist ray-driveling [actinobacteria] moon rock in the ice-cold surf, and on the inside just like a narcissistic blue-loathed [blue algae] planetary fire. Which means, humanity is a cosmostic-lichen family-node that is difficult to untangle. How do we get back to the neutrinal source of misery and how do we build up our ego sunny again, without co(s)mic damaging ourselves or any other person. 
In other words, what are the basic elements along which [our personal] evolution proceeds?
Following the education of my children, and by puzzling about it, I ended up in four developmental phases that play an important role throughout life: 


1: I want

2: I can 

3: I do   

4: I am  


Beside that, I discovered that the context in which this wanting, being able, doing and being comes into being also consists of four phases:


     1: individual   

2: social    

       3: responsible   

      4: independent


Both the developmental phases and the context in which they come into being take place initially in the first three years of life, divided into 4x9 months [for more information, see 4-phase theory]. In these months, the baby-toddler observes lots of things, structures it and automates, controls and cultivates it in three years to the core of the signal selection that it has merged. That has made it an id. An ID entity. An Intelligent Design of an individual entity, something that exists; a physical body, an object with a beginning and an end. An it, because id is also latin for it. The [intelligent design of the] body. The identification key of the ego. An individual operating system that - in imitation of others - labels the perception process in itself as I, and in the years thereafter extends this selection of signals in a social, responsible and independent sense and fine-tunes it to the desired result. The question is: the desired result of who: of my identity or that of you and you all, all those who regularly appear in my observations.
Because from the outset my identity is opposed to a lot of other ID entities. ID entities that all go through a similar observation process. That bundle together to us. To a family, a group, an organization, a family society. A family identity that is stronger than me. A family identity that teaches, models, integrates and interprets what I observe and then gives me the illusion that it is I who selects, automates and fuses those signals into an own identity. The one that continues to do so the rest of my life, in all sorts of groups and qualities. Who continuously judges what I have observed. Whether that fits in the street of the family / group. Because only if your perceptions match the perceptions and interpretations of the family identity you are, like them, an individual part of a collectively conforming family society. A group-me. If not, then you do not belong. And so the mass-man interprets, teaches, models and integrates perceptions according to the evil norms of the group, because otherwise they are so isolated and that hurts.
The consequences can be guessed. The intrinsic ego appears to be unreliable, it is colored by extrinsic influences. It manipulates and models one's own perceptions according to the criteria of others. Although the ego complies with that to the conditions of the group [it has become a group ego], the open-minded perception, interpretation, modeling and cultivation has been destroyed. The ID entity is extrinsically coloured. And try that to undo again. Because:
  1. An I that has had or taken insufficient time to observe and interpret thoroughly, without the influence of others [for example, because the I felt unsafe and wanted as soon as possible -or had to be- part of a buddy, parent and family culture], has not or insufficiently learned to distinguish between one's own observations and interpretations and those of another. It is, as it were, a zygotic fusion between father's neutrinal energy and mother's atomic matter; a viral family-world, bacterially protected by a molecular acting surroundingscoat. A yx, a viral sperm cell and a bacterial egg cell simultaneously. A mentally and physically bounded id entity that as such sways along on the y-leading boundaries of womb x, which in turn forms part of the energetically trained boundaries of materially upholstered cosmos families. That is Nyx, an a(u)tomatic body with a observations sourly interpreting inside and a stifling integrating outside, that is able -as a family identity- to exert mental and physical influence on others.

  2. A ray fungus, also called actinobacterium, identifies with the capabilities and protection of others. It cannot or will not develop its own ID entity. It prefer to lift on the roots of the alder. It does not want a membrane shield between itself and others. Just a thick cell wall between its own family / group and the rest. It gives you a family cell with a hostile interpreting source code. That is rather prokaryote, because which observations are yours and which of others that of others isn't it? That will be chaos. And conflicts. That makes you pretty toxic. That is why a ray fungus is positive about getting its viral gram. However, than you look even more hostile than you already were. Permanently.
  1. And then you can arm yourself archaically, but you won't get any further. Are you externally armed to the walls concisely gram-positive against toxic outsiders, but internally you are gram-negative. That is a life of nothing, then you are on the inside constantly surviving in that toxic atmosphere from the outside.

  2. You better scrape your energy together, let go of that zygotic family unit and go back to the origin of your perceptions and interpretations. Can you, like all ID entities -who without the influence of other observations interpret, combine, automate and cultivate to own preferences- still distinguish between your ID entity and that of the rest of the family. If you after that [again] will be coloured by the interpretations and controls of others and/or identified with it, you can decolourize much more easily into your independently coloured identity version. 
    Does the blue-green algae [also called cyanobacteria] as well. That is why he is also negative about getting your gram. And oh woe if you do, he will become toxic. Even to himself. Because that is what you get if you do not take sufficient distance from jet molds. After all, they want to get their grams. They are virus friends, they think that is positive. "We easily adapt our observations and interpretations, and we cover the genetic errors with the protein mantle of love, which is handy, we are a(u)tomatically large and strong before you realise it. Are you in no time as lichenly entangled in a neutrinal source code as we are.' 
    In other words, if you do not distance yourself from that viral source code, you continue to reproduce that genetic malignancy at the expense of yourself and others. Continue your selfish hunt for family cells that dismantle maliciously and abuse violently for hostile reproducing purposes. Are you still [or again] staying in the mushroom before you know it.
In short, if you want to have your own id entity without being malicious, there is only one thing to do: maintain your morally fairness and concisely distance yourself from a neutrinal source code, otherwise you'll still get eukaryotic problems with:
  1. viral invaders who are addicted to reproduce their ID entity at the expense of you and others,
  2. clean driveling group-identities that cover viral invaders with the extrinsic mantle of protein love and, as viral protectors, in a trojan infiltrating way want to get their poisonous degrading gram, in order to appear bigger,
  3. are you again or still forced to survive archaeically in a toxic atmosphere,
  4. can you again [or still] gram negative blue loating [algae] from those gram positive invaders and get caught up in your own intrinsic source code.
Then you can say that you have your own ID entity with its own core and a lot of specialists around you, but if you have tolerated all virally-encoded intruders [who either want to get their grams or teach others a poisonous lesson] than it's not going to get you anywhere. Then you have been concisely poisoned before you know it.

Because from that sadomasochistic DNA-family you have to have it [not]. Nor from those ostrich-like copying descendants. Yes but what then? How do we genetically and behaviorally repair the historical damage of sourly sinful narcissistic fathers and stifling admonishing conformist-mothers who cover their mistakes with the protein mantle of virus love? How do we become a righteous ID entity intrinsically and incentrically, without extrinsically being poisoned and eccentrically to be toxic / poisoned? How do we turn that cosmostic-lichen (lord)-brain-knot into a humane functioning identity? In other words, how do we clean up that unfair thing? Maybe like this?

Ordered chaos

left hemisphere
brain bar
right hemisphere
I want - I can
I do – I am
temporal centre - frontal centre
chief/upper head
parietal centre - occipital centre
hear - smell pheromones
feel-taste - see
calm action
material energy
gamma waves - beta waves
form. reticularis
smr waves - alfa waves
Energy – mind – thinking
energetic matter
Matter – body area - doing
intrinsic – incentric
internal & external
extrinsic – eccentric
enthalpy – order – digital
ordered chaos
entropy – chaos– analogue
elektro-negative [to much energy]
hydrogen bridge
elektro-positive [to little energy]
notion of time
elektron cloud
sense of time
neutrino – elektron [ordered chaos]
disulfide bridge
atom – molecule [chaotic order]
degree of tolerance
blue algua
dubble membrane – gram-negatiive
build up oxygen
single membrane – gram-positive
break down organic material – collect nitrogen
Archaea - egg cell
single membrane – annular chromosome
make organiic compunds – collect
viral zygote
virus - sperm
RNA/DNA + protein envelope
hunting – reproducing through hostess bacteria
think & do
tree of knowleds
life knowledge
tree of life
dominant – master
master slave
subdominant - slave
more gray  matter = info processing
regulate info
more white matter = send info
woman – more gray matter
frontal closer interwoven
stimulant estrogen
emotion store left amygdala
temporal: ventral [what-] route
needs centre
visuel route
man – more white matter
larger  hypothalamus
stimulant testosterone
emotion store right amygdala
parietal: dorsal [where-] route
action to the word
rational- analytiic – ordered - worth knowledge
Dorsal thalamus
intuïtive - total image – creative- image knowledge
specialist- individualist - short term thinking
Hypo thalamus
holistiic – group person - long term thinking
focus on safety and facts
focus on risks and imagination
theoretical – induction
practical – deduction
eye for detail – step by step
Bas. Ganglia
eye for overview – simultaneously
numerical skills - intellectual
spatial insight - sensory
can realise
can see through
develops strategy
Gyrus Cinguli
organizes options
planning – desighning
impulsive – working out
Septum Pell.
point of view
trade position
course of action
narcissists – liberal
conformists – communistic
western world - city centre
eastern world - rural area
Judaism and Christianity
Islam and Animists
Family – Education
Company – Politics
mind – intellect
soul – consious
body – feeling
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