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The 24-hour society orbits at full speed in communistic capitalizing earth-circles ... around hot-tempered family-fortune with an Anarc(h)istic family-king as a 'sunny' father, who makes a circle around himself in 25 days, and an admonishing* mothering manager as an ice-cold conforming family-queen, who in 24 hours may circle around herself and in 28 days around her earth child. 
* [In Dutch it is called 'vermanen' which litterally means mooning. The prefix 'ver' means an alteration.]
You see, she is supposed to get and keep both herself and that, from time to time, darkened child, in a monthly intervening family-line. Because that, together with that admonishing mother and the rest of the planetary family, must revolve around that sunny father in 365 days. Who, with the whole family in its wake, takes a lap around the hot pulp of the milkman in around 226 million years. 
Because that is a cogwheel of the Local Group which again is a cogwheel of a Supercluster. Ah yeah, turn the energy into a perpetual cogwheel system and you get an energy complex, in which we, as the apparent form of a dust-waved phase wire, can wheel around with 24 hours a day. Whether we want to or not. 
That is why we are not a dust-wave to touch without gloves. You immediately becomes as warm-blooded as we are. Because that narcissistic conforming twisting slows us considerably down and makes us extremely moody. That hot-headed abundance fades ice cold  away, you see. And that slows things considerably down.
Just like that Anarc(h)istic father and conformistic mother. They can also some of it. Father sun cogs more and more slowly and mother moon turns hooked with him and her earth child. What if we will end up in a black hole? We can't have that
Urgent need to find a fair balance between that hot-tempered capitalizing Anarchists-father and that ice-cold communi(sti)cating conformists-mother. To take the right distance from those co(s)mic conforming narcissists and families, not to put a spoke in each other's cogwheel and to flip the antisocial helm. 
However, how do we do that? By - just like the earth child - . retreating about 2-15 centimeters each year from that hot-tempered narcissist-and-father, who profiles himself as sunny instead of sinful?
  • Even if mother moon does not like that and every year ice cold dissociates itself 4 centimeters from her earth child, because she 'sunny' conforms herself to that sinful father who warms her ice-cold heart to such an extent that she stands before him like a rock in his hot-tempered surf? 
  • Even if we are ice cold doomed to continue in the dark, if we have to look for ways ourselves to warm our own heart and that of our living environment in a humane way? 
  • Even if that hot-tempered father bursts apart with envy and sado-masochistically continues to smolder in a black hole, because his earth child has humanely taken over 'his' sunny baton?
  • Even if the rest of the co(s)mic family supports him solitary and ice-cold enters into a hot fight for the rank order with you?
Our place in the co(s)mic family society is surrounded by sinful foot angels and admonishing clamps that say that the narcissist-and-father is there for the hot-tempered capitalizing sperm cell expectations, the conformist-and-mother for the ice-cold communi(sti)cating producing egg-emotions, and the zygote-child must knit that energy-complex, with warm hearted humanists logic, viably together. That's far from easy.
And so we do. We are going to look for the conditions and possibilities to shape and manage our lives and identity, in four steps, without harming ourselves or anyone else.
  • In the first part we start by detecting good and evil.
  • In the parts that follow, we will structure, automate and control what we in detail and holistically have signalized on humanity and right-eousness.
  • And at the end of each part there are exercises to get and hold ourselves in the way we want. 
Let's see if we want to and can be and remain humane and righteous in the midst of an anarchistic / narcissistic conforming family society.