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2 Contemporary conditions

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The right distance can save you ...... wrote Edward T. Hall in 1969 in The hidden dimension. 

Just like stars and planets, organisms, plants, animals and people also need a certain space to be able to unfold freely. Not only physically but also mentally, otherwise we will have problems. With ourselves and with each other. Then we will no longer keep ourselves in line. And if we can no longer keep ourselves in cosmic line, we will get hot-tempered collisions before we get it in the depressed gaps. And [both] we shouldn't have that.
But yes, how do you do that, keeping yourself in the right line, with all those oppressors around you, who by force-measuring try to lure you out of your electromagnetic field, and entervening entice you to nothing left but turning in energetic circles around hot-tempered narcissists; to sway conformistically along the gloomy waves of a manic-depressive family-society. Then you have to be strong in your core, otherwise it won't work.
The extent to which the extrinsic influence of genetic-historical and contemporary environmental factors is permanent depends on a number of intrinsic preconditions:
  1. To what extent I am willing to face the truth,
      even if that is unpleasant for myself and others.
  2. To what extent I am willing to distance myself
      from unjust elements of myself and others.
  3. To what extent I am willing to discard bad habits
      and learn good ones.
  4. To what extent I am willing to accept the consequences
      of fair behaviour.


in other words:
  1. what do I want and what I will not [yet].
  2. what can I and what I can not [yet].
  3. what do I do and what I do not [yet].
  4. who am I now and who am I if I can do what I want.
In order to be what I want and to do what I can, I have to think carefully about what I can and cannot do and what the consequences are, because Nyx [nothing] is as toxic as an unrestrained freebooter who has covered its own mistakes and those of conformistic copying followers with the protein-mantle of love and fight by fire and sword against those of critics. He lives on a Roman authorized right Insula. On an egg-land [island] full of 'angels' who want complete freedom for themselves and Nyx [nothing] for everyone who is not as angelic as he is. Who breaks down in a trojan way that you just built up. Cosmic society is full of that. Plenty of examples. We suffer from this to this day.
If I want to correct the wrong routes of myself and walk righteous ways, 
  • I will have to distance myself from everything that is unjust, to start with the injustices of myself.
  • I will have to clean up my will of all evolutionary injustice and voluntarily want to lay down on self-chosen bonds.
  • I will have to distance myself from unscrupulous elements from the past and the present that do not care about anything and race ruthless through everything.  
Because those are just like neutrinos*, they even fly through my body. Every second with billions at a time, says 
That's what you get if you only care about your own interests. Take the fastest way out of the [sun] light and rush through everything. Then you are barely or not traceable. Handy if what you do cannot stand the righteous daylight.
That is not okay with me. You must know what your limits are. Do not thunder through everything and everyone neutrally, because you want to be the first and/or are not in the mood to take others into account. I find that so short-sighted. So unscrupulous. So neutrinal. But yes, unrestrained freebooters, isn't it. They have a graphene/gravestone in front of them. They get confused by Nyx [nothing]. Those whining spermatically that they want to be able to propagete virally free and get blazing when others have the same ability. If they also follow their own will. If they even admonishing them ice-cold that they don't take into account at all what they want. That is why they put the electronic fire on the atomic shins, to keep themselves molecularly sweet, with being in the protein-like clouds, that they may revolve around virally neutrinalized stars.
Because unrestrained freebooters don't worry about being dictated. They determine themselves what is right and wrong. They simply continue to do what they want, without any consideration with the wishes of others. They back themselves up until they drop. Only a thick slab of lead* from a light-year-thick seems to beet them slightly off balance. Since that is toxic stuff. So toxic that the Roman Empire, which kept themselves sweet with lead, went to the Germans because of that, according to some. 
It drives you crazy, you see. It works on your nerves, in such a way that you either in no time are tired of your unrestrained reproduction and just as long hyperactively are going to break down, which is not in your plan, until you spin manic-depressive circles around the black hole that you have created yourself; or fall into it because your star-like neutrino position has gone to a congener.
Because that's what you get, when you think it is natural to follow nowadays the unrestrained behavior of that history. If you do not justly distance yourself from it. Can you just as long sadomasochistically continue to do what your neutrinal viralized family wants you to do, until you fall electronically into the depressive graphene/gravestone-hole they have created for you. Do you stand still for All*-time [for ever]. They think in terms of Everything or Nyx namely. Race or stagnete [All or nothing]. They are allowed to everything [lit: Al-les = All lesson] and you Nyx [nothing]... then spend the rest of your existence conformistically spinning in worshiping the atomic star allures of molecular family cultures. Your own will is without a trace. Left with the viral neutrino-sun. I don't like that. [lit: I find that Nyx]. That is wanting everything, but [be able to] do nothing, to bring your own inside and outside into a fair balance with the rest. Just because that biological family is doing cosmic showdown. Suit yourself. That may be a physical example, I do not want to follow that. I distance myself from that. I don't like a group identity. Me too asocial. I prefer to think about what I want and can do myself. What I will do and who I can be. How I can [continue to] live strong in my own I-core, without pushing others out of their core. What I intrinsically centralize and extrinsically decentralize. Because that is the conditional price that you pay for it. After all, it is quite an art to be and remain a just tuning human being, in the midst of all those egocentric cooperating elements. There you have your intrinsic head full with.
tau-neutrino – electron
maya- judaism
gluon – neutrion
mu-neutrino – proton
e-neutrino – neutron
Our brain is filled with negative perceptions, conclusions and actions and crossed ideas [think-images]. And with it our DNA, our Id entity, our daily thoughts and actions; our human culture that often turns out to be so non-human. Because these are the consequences if you, with all violence, from generation to generation, want to transport the mistakes of previous generations to the next, because you do not want to, can or dare to give up all those manic-depressive sadomasochists habits of narcissistic conformists and conformistic narcissists. Or are afraid of being or becoming a calling in the desert. Be afraid of the family-societal consequences if you expect justice from conformistic narcissists and worshipers. You get a gluontically cultivated family-node full of short-sighted communication-traffic from the left hemisphere, which anxiously continues to positively interpret everything that the right hemisphere well-organized automates; hoping to ward off confrontations, conflicts and malicious reactions. Because the followers of short-sighted family leaders do exactly what animalistic ancestors have been used to do for billions of years: with viral violence racing through everything and everyone and allowing everyone to do the same bacterially. The consequences can be guessed:
Chief/ upper head
a [sound & insight] →
b [smell & signal]→
c [movement & touch]→
d [oveview & balance
neutrion →
electron →
proton →
[blue algae] cyanobacteria
← archaea
[ray fungus] actinobacteria
yeast →
eukaryote →
algae →
← cnidaria
← lichen
wormlike →
mollusca →
← cephalopod
birdlike →
eulipotyphla →
srepsirrhini [tarsier]→
← rodentlike
Aegyptopithecus →
Canidae [hondachtigen] →
falidae [katachtigen] →
oreopithicus bamboli
gorilla →
sahelantropus →
orrorin tugenensis →
homo habilis
homo erectus →
homo ergaster →
homo antecessor
homo rhodesiensis
homo sapiens →
h.s. idaltu →
cro-magnon →
current human

As a reproducing descendant of a neutrinal electronized virus seed and gluontic atomic bacterial egg at the same time, we swing in circles around our narcissistic conforming self and others, without learning anything about false interpretations, behaviors and habits, just as our historical and contemporary family-society. 
Today's 'sunny' narcissistic father turns out to be the conformist admonishing son of yore. A spermatically virus-man with only one life purpose: narcissistic survival. Conquering an egg-celled female bacterium [before his congeners do so], destroying her Intelligent Design wherever it suits him, substituting his narcissistic ID for it, and trying to conquer respect with that over the rest of the family. 'Look how materialistic I can be and how energetic I am. Divine huh'. Hoping to score that way that he will also end up in the big history book. That his voice echoes forever in the ears of the rest. That is why ancestors worship is the highest good and criticism of it is the greatest mistake. And are bacterial women supposed to allow themselves to be conquered uncritically, to give up their own energetic ID and, except for a few selectively structured elements, to a(u)tomatically [let] destroy themselves, and to molecularly gluonize it to its materialistic ID into a damned divine ID entity. And in many cases they also do it yet.
And that is then your IDentity. What a schizophrenic. Father with his energetic ID..., transforms mother's structuring ID into his a(u)tomatically quietly materializing entity and blasts her energetic remains into space ,because it beats him. Great - violence [Dutch: geweld-ig]. Calls itself an Intelligent Design, it turns out to be no more than a pirating counter-weight. [in Dutch dubble meaning: tegen-wicht = counter weight + against little girl]. Want to teach other IDs an All lesson. About a double standard. A narcissistic and a conformistic one. What a lichen, has masculine snares himself in 'his own' women's nets. Is either an energetic mind in a materialistically acquiesced body, or a materialistically acquiesced body in an energetic mind. 
Come out of that. Then you must have the right ID key, otherwise it will not work a long live to you. That only fits namely if you don't conformistic conservative strive narcissistically ahead. If you don't fit into the narcissistic conforming picture. In other words, it only 'fits' if you are kicked out because you are not cautiously tuning your energetic narcissist ID to a quietly materializing conformist entity and you are not progressively linking your calm conformist entity to an energetic narcissist ID. 
Because that is the only way you belong, only this way you are just as eccentrically caught between narcissism and conformism of yourself and others as they are. Do you also stand in front of a closed door. Are you either a rich soul who links your narcissism to their conformism, or a modal soul who links your conformism to their narcissism, or a poor soul with a blocked or self-blocking niche between a link narcissism mind and a conformistic sense of justice. 
An internally constantly conflicting identity between spiritual energy and physical matter that either suppresses his feelings as an energetic mind person, or a materialistic feeling person who does not develop her mind. A pathetic doubtful creature that is limping on two parental thoughts and, if desired, is aware of that.
Like Descartes. The French philosopher from the 17th century who was persistently looking for security. But his only certainty was his doubt. "I doubt so I exist," he said. He doubted everything, methodically. He trusted nothing. Not even his physical observations. And also the mind can be wrong, can make sure you are always mistaken, he said. Just as evil as the Roman Catholic [or General] Church that burns your and/or your work just like the work of Galileo, because it was not written in [the context {framework} of] their spirit. That is why he just drivel beamed in their spirit. That he said that their minds were cleared of any doubt. That he could know that because that was an innate observation. That he had brought in an evil [DNA] spirit with that; that this led to a circular argument because he could not prove crystal clear that their divine spirit is not in doubt, whereas that was precisely his purpose, didn't care him. At least he could publish his book and make people think about the mind-body problem, and let them doubt about the goodness of divine spirits, without his book and he and they were burned. After all, a methodical doubter understands that his arguments made no sense, that it was a twist of thought from 'his' mind. That he only out of fear for reprisals not openly dared to doubt the arguments and intentions of perfect spirits. Because he didn't have to doubt about that. That was like an Amsterdam pile above Dutch water. That was just as certainty as his constant doubt. If he didn't think and act exactly what that Spiritual Body of the Catholic Church wanted, death was his destiny. For, according to the All-mean [general] worshipers of spiritual entities, their inhuman spirit had breathed into man's nose and said, "work until you drop because from dust you are and to dust you shall return" [Bible, Gen.2:7; 3:19]. 
And so they did. Without a doubt whether that was fair. Without protest. And what they did Descartes and the rest of the world had to do too. Because that is what you get with divinely conforming service providers. They spin in a cosmic circle. They convert mental energy into physical energy and physical energy into physical matter and physical matter into mental energy. That's how you stay busy. Especially if you never doubt mental and physical arguments and intentions, if you never think about good and evil, if you never distance yourself from what is evil. If you - blindly or otherwise - conform yourself. 
Because that All-mean [general] Body presents itself ray-driveling as a conformistic materializing service-provider and let that divine narcissistic ID do all the energetic main work, under the guise of: 'energetic you are and to energy you shall return. You are the divine energy centre, so you do all the active thinking and I calmly wait until you are burnt-out and then take my materialistic converting opportunity. Can I -thanks to your divinely energetic right-turning main work- use my materialistic link/left rotating body work to spin all spiritually tau-ed doubters into a virally ray-driveling body DNA '.
That's what they call the All-mean [general] morality of the Über aged men [lit: men-sch = old Dutch for men/people]. Spiritual Body is that. Conferms themselves icy materialically to a hot-tempered narcissistic IDentity, feels thereby divinely modest and expects you to be or want to be that way. And oh woe if you don't. 
  • If you think there is someting fishy about it.
  • If, like Descartes, you question the intentions of divine modesty.
  • If you criticize all those Spiritual Bodies of bodily spirits that call themselves human but turn out to be sadomasochistic elements from prehistoric times.
  • If you do not feel at home amidst genetic identities who want to maintain their Anarchist / A-narcissist culture in the highly a(u)tomated conformist position; with the rest of the biological family there similarly ranked underneath and the human child as the lowest of the low. 
Because that one may repay All lesson. That must ray-drivel [twaddle] at the outside physically that it is a nice bacterial mantle, but inwardly be an evil virus spirit, who others with neutr(in)al love a(u)tomates into a black hole. That is a family business culture of Nyx. Are your skills mentally trained to transform father's AnarcHistically liberalized family-will... into mothers businesslike communi(st)icating 'well'-wisher who tries to be childishly political. I don't like that. [lit: I find that Nyx]. That shows a weak interaction. It solves Nyx [nothing]. Are you left and right brain-dusted with a quantity of Nyx..... Not me. Those communistic business customs of the Anarc(h)istically liberalized family position may be the historical basis (boss), the masterfully trained foundation of the political conformist, I do not want to follow that, too unfair to me. I don't want that in my system. Only, what then?