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1.2 Practicing in signaling

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Why do you want what you want and do what you do? Why do you want one and do the other? Why do you do differently than you want and do you want differently than you do?
To find out, we use today's knowledge to look at the signals from past and present. For that we have to go back to the source of our existence: the family and environment from our youth and everything that came afterwards. Back to see to what extent we have found something ourselves and to what extent we have made it our own based on hearing; of the perceptions and interpretations of others. To see to what extent we have copied ostrich behavior from others and to what extent we have made a habit of it. To what extent we still do that today. To what extent do we do that for the sake of others - from the longstanding family-societal collector of the hunter [or the hunter of the collector], or the collector and/or the hunter - and to what extent we have done it and are doing for our own sake. What did we want then and what do we want now? Do we want to know that at all? Do we want to be confronted with the mistakes, lies and fantasies of ourselves and others? Or do we, like previous generations, prefer to live in platonic illusions? Do we prefer to keep playing ostrich, under the guise, what doesn't know, doesn't hurt, that is how I belong, that is how I am like him and / or her and the rest?

For the enthusiast, various exercises and thinkers follow in the field of signaling and preferences of ourselves and others.