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3.1 Automating

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What an automatism. Your mind dwell on that. Look at you, day in and day out, minute by minute. Signaling anything and everything, structuring that based on preferences, priorities and expectations of yourself and others, harmonising that in such a way that no internal and/or external conflicts arise.... Even your reactions are to a large extent self-evident. Sometimes you have already said or done something non-verbally or verbally before your mind has given permission. Or your mind is still extensively engaged in making a list of everything and weighing it up. Or hasn't noticed anything at all yet. Is still busy with something else. Or he has put a thalamic filter on all those incoming signals. Considers he the signals and/or information as unpleasant, and/or not important. Says he coolly: 'Don't disturb, I'm busy, I don't have time right now'. Or 'get rid of it, that only causes internal and/or external conflicts, I and/or my environment don't like that'. 
And there you go, as an unwanted signal or signal structure. Automatically. Because your mind considers it as pleasant and important. Can he engage in more important and/or more plea­sant activities. However, then the understanding must be good. Otherwise it will not work. Or it is going wrong. If you do not program your automaton properly, you should not be surprised if you do not respond properly. 
For that you have with automatons. They are robots. They do everything based on programmed information. Electronic. If that is contradictory or incomplete, it will also respond inconsistently or incomplete. On internal or external clues, for instance. Like the automaton seems pleasant and/or important. Because so mind, so automaton ..... That speaks.
In the course of our personal history, we have structured and shaped many signals from ourselves and others. We structured the majority of these signals under the influence of external factors. External signals that were bigger and stronger than that little signal from ourselves. 
  • Small signals that had bundled together into a large and strong group of cooperating signals. Cooperating signals that created and collected small signals to make the group structure larger and stronger as part of the group. [Electronic] signals that - for the honour and greater glory of the [neutrinally] collaborating signals and for the benefit of the all-too-common interest - a(u)tomatically were part of the group. Unless they gave [molecular] counter gas because then they were inexorably thrown out of the group.
  • For the big signals don't tolerate any contradiction. They consider that unpleasant. They only want subordinate followers around them, since they want, as an important directing/regent-ing signal, to remain the powerfully central point. A(u) tomatically.
History has extensively shown how that directing/regent-ing behaviour worked. And goes. Because that is what you get when you give the strongest signals a (u)tomatically the most power. Then the small [er] and weak [er] signals remain subordinate. Until they are big enough. Or give too much counter gas. Or have bundled themselves together into a new group structure. Until the little ones are stronger. Until directing/regent-ing signals are the smallest and the weakest. May the directing/regent-ing signals be the subordinate followers. Otherwise they are, under the guise of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, inexorably thrown out of the group, or euthanasistically kaltgestellt.
Because that's how it goes with repetitive signals. They repeat. From gene-ration to gene-ration. They start neutrinally small, become electronically large, work a(u)tomatically molecular together to become even larger and continue to do so until the power balance changes. Until they are either quite radically cleared from the - anew structured - way, or just as long be made a signal smaller until they end up where they started: neutrinally.
In other words, history repeats itself. All signals appear to be a continuation and supplement to what our pre-family genetically has structured and recorded. 
Were it first the elements that - each in their own way - have created a structure of habits in dealing with signals and have formed an identity culture of [neutrinal] hunters and [atomic] collectors, the viral family hunters soon set the tone by setting themselves spermatically for totem pole with the desire to be more important than others.
And the bacterial family-collector narcissistically adds an egg cell to it by gathering a family-capital of zygotic children around them and then [let] pissing on them to do whatever the hunter wants. 
With the result, numerous beastly reactions, of which we human descendants still today reap the bitter fruits. For we signal that genetically structured legacy - and many more eccentric ones - from our very beginnings; and then we have to find our righteous way into it embryonally as well. Go ahead and give it a try
For what are the pre-programmed conditions of ancestors and outsiders and what are ours?.
  • Where does the habit of being a neutrinally automated hunter-gatherer end?
  • Where does the need to be bigger and more important than others begin?
  • To what extent does this genetically structured group behaviour extend?
  • And where does our self-confident responsibility begin? 
Where does the brake on that narcissistic networking collection of space, time and capital-devourers begin.
  • At our birth?
  • In our puberty?
  • At our adulthood?
  • When we are old?
Forget it. A neutrinal hunter will not be slowed down by anything or anyone after all. You can't get them down. It is already one. Funny isn't it?  That's why he always finds a new mesh in his egg-gene [in Dutch also: own] structure. With a new well-funded collector to prosecute 'his' divinely a-narc(h)istically structured DNA path in a devilish hypocritical way. And don't dare to oppose him or contradict her, you will immediately get the entire neutrinally structured family-society on and in your self-confident brain-pan. A(u) tomatically. That speaks.
"Prove it ....", provokes the Gyrusale hunter neutrinally. 'What is fact and what is fiction? ...', the Thalamic collector adds a(u) tomatically, in the knowledge that a capital collection of molecularly structured cohabiting ostriches all don't want to see what [genetically] isn't acceptable/connected.
And there you are .....
Prove it. What is fact and what is fiction?
  • Which signals and structures are fact and which fiction?
  • Which signalled and structured facts and fictions are good and which are evil?
  • Which good and evil signals and structures are yours or do you prefer and which are forced upon you by thalamic gyrusalized or gyrusal thalamized parents and others?
  • And what do you do self-consciously and what do you do automatically, from-yourself, without thinking about it?
Say it... Which signals and structures do you implement because you find that pleasant and important and which ones do you use [consciously or automatically] because a family society full of parents, children and others wants it? And why?
  • Because you like to do yourself and others a favor? 
  • Because that was a choice? 
  • Because that has become a habit? 
  • Because you and others have got used to doing yourself and others a favor?

  • Because you and others think you have the right to do yourself and others an un-conditional favor? 
  • Because you and others have made it an unwritten right that you unconditionally do what others want, for most voices apply, two is more than one, and what is heaviest should be the most important?
  • Because you and others have cultivated that unwritten right? 
  • Because you and others have turned an unwritten culture into a written right? 

  • Because you and others feel so important? 
  • Because you and others don't want to give up your privileges? 
  • Because you and others want to continue to feel important? 
  • Because you and others find it unpleasant not to be important?

  • Because someone who feels or is important or more important does not want to take into account what someone who feels or is less important or not important finds pleasant or important or unpleasant and unimportant?
  • Because someone who feels or is important or more important thinks that someone who feels or is less important or unimportant should not complain? 
  • Because everything that someone who feels important or more important considers as nagging is undesirable? 
  • Because anything that is undesirable in the eyes of someone who feels or is important or more important has to be eliminated? 

  • Because everything that's disabled can't make clear what straight and curved logic is?
  • Because anything and anyone who can't make clear what straight and curved logic is, can't criticize someone who feels or is important or more important? 
  • Because everything and everyone who does not, or cannot, criticise someone who feels or is important or more important than he or she, gives him or her a divine position? 
  • Because someone in a divine position with devilish pleasure can say, to all those who have no criticism or can't have it, that have no right to judge, so that you will not be judged, by the one who feels far beyond all those who go or have to go through life uncritical; for the one without sins is throwing the first stone?
In other words, you've been warned. Think before you start automating... what you and others find pleasant and important; to automatically do an unconditional favor to yourself and others. Before you know it, a gyrus stone is thrown at your nuclear warhead. Are you wrapped in a thalamic sleep before you know it / have it in the [chromatinically manipulated] holes.