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The day after.....

The day after.... the election of Donald Trump as the new president of the U.S.A.:

The New York Times on Twitter: "As Donald Trump took the lead, Canada's immigration department's website crashed".

David Common correspondent for CBC News on Twitter: "Immigration Canada confirms site crashed due to huge increase in traffic, as Trump wins election". 

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The mass hysteria of the U.S. has spoken

Electionday: The mass hysteria of the U.S. has spoken: they want a leader like themselves. They will have it. And so the rest of the world.

Here an article of Politico by Ben Schreckinger about the elections of the U.S. 






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The bestial morality of the homo sapiens

The morality of the sapiens in full length: a super predator which destroys everything and everyone and still they are proud of as well. Here an article from the University of Virginia about the bestial evolvement of the homo sapiens.

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The success of a small, greed-y bullying country.

Where a small, greed-y bullying country can be successful in - EU. The state of affairs in the EU versus Greece reminds me of my own experiences, long time ago. I wrote a book about it in 2003. [Not translated yet. Title: What's wrong with you people in the Netherlands].

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A selfish familiy

We have to be part of a selfish family with selfish cultures, selfish companies and selfish coun­tries with selfish po­li­tics..... They say. 

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'Liberal Politics': All Greek to you?

 'Liberal politics': Is it all Greek to you? It sounds familiair to me who has criticised the manage­ment-style of dutch com­pa­nies. [Sorry, I haven't translated my writings and graduate thesis (1999) yet].