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It is hectic in the Netherlands and abroad. What do I say, it's Unheard so much political-cultural noise that day in, day out comes up again in images and sounds. It is also becoming more and more extreme. Left and right, it's all called extreme nowadays. Even the middle has now been renamed extreme for many people. Something normal doesn't seem to be there anymore, or it has to be themselves. Because they say: "I'm okay, 'those others' are not okay". And then there's a whole list of those who aren't okay.  
It turns out to be a golden grab, the louder one individual shouts that he or she is okay, and normal, the more likely he or she, as a rat-catcher, will be able to get many others behind him or her.
Because the majority wants to be normal, so the one who is most convincing in putting that down has the best chance of getting the most followers. And that's what everyone is all about. 
That's what you get with herd animals in a rat society. Then you can't hold yourself together. Then you need a group. Preferably as big as possible.
That's why it's rat-catching time. Who is the rat, and who will catch them. For the more rats appear on the scene, [because only rats have the best chance of success in a rat society], the more need there is for rat-catchers. So more and more rats feel called upon to take on the role of rat-catchers. With the result more and more rat-catchers. Who try to catch each other the rats because every rat-catcher wants to get the largest crowd behind him. 
With the result that more and more rat methods are being used to seduce as many people as possible into rat behaviour. Because rat-catchers don't like reasonableness. That's not in line... with their ratty intentions. 
Well, there you are with your good behaviour....
How do you survive as a reasonable person in a rat society? With a Rutty leader who keeps smiling since more and more rats show up? 
Because that's what he learned from 'The Great Leader'. Keep on laughing, pretending you don't know anything about the old princess'. As said, as done. And with success. Because with many rats it is good to create chaos. And the more chaos, the greater the need for order. And the more need for order, the greater the need for a ratty leader, who steers everything in ratty directions. May they work like Pinocchio donkeys until they fall down. There you go...
How do you survive that rat mess as a reasonable person? 
Well, simply. All those rats are inside-the-box, with a rat-catcher that dictates to them what they should think and do 'by themselves'. The rats can choose because there are many boxes, in cultural types and political sizes. They are all called normal. And therefore special. After all, a rat is okay. And therefore special. The rest is not. They are ordinary.... not ok so. They are outsiders. Outside-the-box thinkers and doers. They can or don't have to go to the ok [or]. There's nothing to fix. They can't be transformed into donkeys anymore. 
That has its benefits. For once out-of-the-box you can take a Socratic look at how these rats function. With a helicopter view. And then (re)organise your own life Aristotelesian. No rat beeping at you. Far too scary. Those reasonable people.
What do you say? Lonely? Oh, it's not that bad. You have a lot to look at and learn and otherwise there are plenty of other reasonable people to talk to and work with. And to live? Well, they remain outside-the-box thinkers and doers of course. Because those rats: keep [an eye on] them in the holes... box. Before you know it, you'll have stepped into their box. Then you have to go through it again. It is just that you see through it.