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4.3. Judiciary

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A themselves and others not damaging society is the fundament of a heterogeneous humane world/society. The judiciary supervises - based on the basic rights right of choice, self-determination, participation rights, the right to speak, identity rights, group rights, information right and protection right – to ensure a humane righteous implementation of it..

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4.3.1. Political Judiciary

Political JudiciaryHighest component of the judiciary. Consists of Supreme judges who are concerned with assessing the legitimacy of political decisions conform the basic rights. The body will replace the current First Chamber, or else Senate or Upper House.

Supreme judges will be selected by the Political Judiciary based on expertise. After this within the judiciary a preference will be expressed, by a digital referendum in survey form. Based on these two results digitally a parliamentary referendum in survey form will take place in all parliaments. The results of both referendums are included in the second selection. The result of this will be proposed to a special for that created delegation of legal representatives of several reputable human rights organizations. They validate or reject it by a two-thirds majority in written form the second selection with the addition of the necessary arguments. On this basis the final selection and appointment is following. If rejected a new selection is following which again via a digital referendum in survey form will be submitted to the judiciary. After this again a second selection is following which again will be proposed to the legal representatives of the several reputable human rights organizations. If they reject again, then the governing body [executive body] of the UN, after consultation of the judiciary and the legal representatives of the various reputable human rights organizations, takes, based on two-thirds majority, the final decision on the nomination.

The Political Judiciary shall evaluate all regulations and practices conform fundamental rights. Not just the Legislative Authority and the Governing Body [executive body], but also the SupportiveBody [civil servants and other services].

The Political Judiciary shall asess and advise solicited and unsolicited both parliaments and parliamentarians and other politicians.

Citizens too can turn to the Political Judiciary with an Political judiciary concerning complaint.

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4.3.2. Legal state

The world-society, such as right to say stands for, is a legal state. Which means:

The Judiciary has the highest authority. The Political Judiciary, as formulated in 4.3.1, forms the supreme body of that.

The starting point, as formulated in 4.1.3-1a, that is: yourself and others not to damage, or else – in the context of self-defense and protect each other - as little as possible, as well as the basic rights, as formulated in 4.1.1, constitute the fundament of the legal state that everyone can lay claim to.

Each individual shall be considered as equivalent, ie. each individual is of equal value but not equal.

The many individuals collectively form a heterogeneous group which are given equal opportunities that each of them can work out in their own way, on condition of not damaging yourself and others.

Each individual receives the opportunity from the cradle to the grave to track his/her own development-path and development-process in his/her self chosen pace.

Individuals are considered to be self-selected identities which they can change itself at will. The naming can be changed after consultation with the judiciary.

The privacy of identity is - as much as possible - before that of law-enforcement.

The law-enforcement respects the basic principles and will be performed - wherever possible – without violence.

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4.3.3. Legal rules

The Judiciary is freely accessible for everyone, including the necessary support.

By suspicions of illegal acts will the right of say over their own lives and - as a result - the right to privacy and the right to make their own choices, extremely careful be taken into account with.

Judicial proceedings will, depending on the issue, as soon and as much as possible, handled according fixed deadlines, in accordance with the hitherto available facts. It - intentionally or not - too late or not delivering of the necessary information of this or that, or else, the lack of it, will be taken into consideration. Follow-up procedures on the basis of new information remain possible at any time. In other words, acquittal for lack of evidence, lack of information or procedural errors are thus a snapshot. Deliberate sabotage and delay of the judicial process is punishable.

There is no limitation period for mistakes and crimes.

There is an obligation to tell the truth. Failure to comply with will be - if necessary afterwards - included in the sentence. Only in exceptional cases and situations where it concerns the legal protection of large groups of people - provided no damaging purposes of these groups - may be deviated from it. Argument of this is that telling the truth, even for the person concerned, in the long run is better than the short-term 'benefit' to give the lie. After all, the rest of life intrinsic to live with a lie is both harmful to one's own identity and that of others. With this measure the law takes both the identity of the person concerned as that of others in protection.

Silence – whether or not collectively – after seeing damage, familiar, educational, scientific, professional, economic, policy-related, political, cultural and societal or group-related harassment and other abuses and crimes, is punishable and will, appropriately, be discounted in sentencing. Note: religion and other beliefs is considered as a culture.

Both for those who based on telling the truth and 'whistleblowing' have gained socially damaging consequences, as for those who based on misinformation or procedures have been detained unjustly, an accelerated procedure willl be put in motion. They have the right to mental and social assistance and economic compensation.

The duration of by court imposed sentences can't be shortened for good behavior, mental or physical health or for other reasons. Still, if necessary, appropriate measures will be taken and a new judicial procedure can be initiated. 

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4.3.4. Legal Historical Power

The "divine" brain:  the homo sapiens who claims to have a monopoly on wisdom and planet, with all that is therein and thereon. Has themself defined as a wise man/human [see wikipedia.en]. As the conformistic likeness of a 'godly pharaotic [read: psychotic] entity' which reigns over every living thing [see Bible, Genesis 1:26-31]. A patriarchistic and matriarchistic man-human who is suggesting to [can] think, has sense. Question is, sense of what? Past and present shows that the 'sapieman' mainly 'understands' how to narcissistic dominate... everyone who is itselfand therefore differently; or else not uncritical, credulous, hypnotised and brainwashed is dancing to the unscrupulous tone of the biggest ape: the homo sapiens who has the most powerful means at his/her disposal, to selfish usurp, with help from congeners, what the narcissist and conformist see fit. Who doesn't want to know what the biggest ape want to forget. From....

Sapiens interbrain-circuit

  1. Family  narcissistic damagingvia brain-area dorsal thalamus [= i.a. brain task: sensory interpreting],

  2. Education  ego-l-istic [the ego sly] suppress [for THE narcissist-s (and)family] via brain-area reticular formation [= i.a. brain task: degree of awareness],

  3. Business-life  sadistically transforming and conforming via brain-area insula-putamen [= i.a. brain task: hate circuit],

  4. Politics  harassing indoctrinating and terroristically destroyng via brain-area cingulate gyrus - precuneus [= i.a. brain task: self-awareness - formation - episodic memory].

.... Under the prehistoric cloak / motto that prevails to this day: 'you're only a real sapiens woman or guy if you for strategic reasons [as family-societal survival and/or selfishness] openly are conformistic and sneaky are a discord sawing and egoïsts kowtowing ratcatcher'.

Narcississt-s (and) family:  From narcissist to psychopath turned out to be a small step only, smaller than many man/human 'thinks'. The family history shows that the homo sapiens has ranked the narcissistic man/human to a divine good. To a 'Über-­Ich' [Superego] to speak with Sigmund Freud [see wikipedia], where everyone unscrupulous has to submit to. In what way thinking? In what way wise? In the land of the ostrich blind the narcissist is one-eyed king. The homo sapiens shows to be a 'master' in ape [mimic]. In dictating that you cannot start a conflict with the biggest narcissist-s (and) group. That you not only must submit your will voluntarily to the biggest narcissist in the sapiens family, but also have to eliminate the boundary between your will and interpretations and the out of that resulting thoughts and that of the biggest narcissist-s(and) group. So that the will, interpretations and the out of that resulting thoughts of the biggest narcissist-s (and) family, in a devilish 'devine' way, sneaky can haunt in your brain. And with that will damage and eliminate that of yours in an trojan way and will install virully that of the biggest [mimic] ape from man-ape history.

Unscrupulousness:  As long as 'Ich' [see S. Freud wikipedia] don't want to know.... why you may or will not eat from the tree of good and evil, as long as everyone wants to forget that unscrupulousness is the genetic and memetic basic value of the homo sapiens [see memetics wikipedia], crime remains the pragmatic regulated standard... of the biggest narcissist-s (and) group. Remains the man/human conformistic tolerate and divine sapiens honour the unrestrained greed of unscrupulous rulers, and everyone that distance themselves in a humane righteous way, with devilish much manipulation, intimidation, suppression, brainwashing and other forms of mental and physical violence, talk into a 'divine' sapiens sense of guilt.

Self-destruction:  The homo sapiens shows trojanly and openly, in a nonverbal and verbal way, mentally and physically, both at individual and societal level, to be the perfect murderer of the self. The murderer of the 'Es', the child in ourseleves, to talk with S. Freud and T.A. Harris [see wikipedia.en]. Capable of massive narcissism and conformism formation. To urge ['switch on'] others... to 'voluntarily' start no conflict with the ideas of the biggest narcissist-s (and) group. He/she gets other people that far that they voluntarily let damaging themselves masochistically: to voluntarily bury their wishes, thoughts and comings and goings - their identity – and voluntarily force other people and animals sadistically to do the same. He/she has made a sadomasochistic customary law of it, to humiliate and destroy everything and everyone around to his/her 'own' liking, including the own/earthy continued existance, and is flying into a childish rage if they put a righteous stop to it. If the right to damage themselves and others righteous is taken away from him/her.

Customary-law:  Summarised, sapiens culturconsists of

  1. ovum-like collecting narcissists-mothers, sperm-like hunting-conformists-fathers, and in their zygotic image created child-slaves,

  2. a dictatorial created customary-law / culture which is recorded in a memetic code [i.e. the narcissistic-conformistic views (think-images) of the homo sapiens culturally will dictatorial, from generation to generation, be trasferred, if it were a genetic code].

  3. a mythical 'belief' in the superiority of its own species and group, where, from generation to generation, in a conformistic way, narcissistic is be given shape to, and

  4. 'devine' narcissists copying weaklings, which is the devil's conformists who

    1. don't want / cannot handle the truth about themselves and peers,

    2. not in a reasonable and righteous way willing and/or able to go with themselves and others.

    3. systematically try to blame others for their own guilt, and

    4. only in a violent way, by openly and/or sneaky competing, by manipulating, intimidating, sabotaging and/or liquidating others, turn out to be the best.

The weakest link:  An evolved family is as righteous as the most unfair family-member. The aping of narcissistic ideas, selfish conditions, conformistic codes of conduct and sadomasochistic habits of the themselves wise man/human calling homo sapiens, turns out to be the weakest link in the evolution of man. And as long as members of the sapiens family 'democratically' extrinsically continue to choose [the aping of and comform to] the biggest egoist of the family/group, stays it that way, from generation to generation.

Connection:  You can not have one without the other.

  1. Without righeous main-program [UN] no righteous body-process-or [parts of the world/states].

  2. Without righteous body-process-or [[parts of the world/states], no righteous board-members [countries/federal states].

  3. Without righteous board-members [countries/federal states], no righteous co-operation [regions/citystates].

  4. Without righteous co-operation [regions/citystates], no righteous society / living together [inhabitants/family-members].

  5. Without righteous society / living together [inhabitants/family-members].no righteous main-program [UN].

The fundament:  If we aim to make a reasonably grounded fundament of history, we need to know what was right and wrong. What was damaging to yourself and/or others and what not. And why. Shall we need to know what and who was righteous constructive and what and who wasn't. And to what degree. And to what level. Shall we, on a daily basis, have to look back to what extent we individually, collectively and culturally have reacted and functioned in a yourself and others not damaging way. And explore how and to what degree we need and can readjust that. Because a righteous history is made up of a solid fundament of logic and reasonableness. A fundament where a current and future identity can fall back on, in case it might have fallen off course. But an unjust history consist of the morbid fundament of worship of narcissists, glorification of conformists and institutionalisation, automation and cultivation of slavery. Which is, institutionalisation of narcissists-mothers, automation of conformists-fathers and cultivation of child-slaves. There is no righteous identity to build up. That history we first must review and repair. The affected parts out and healthy parts in. Only then we historically still will have a solid foundation for the construction of a right-minded [law-grounded] world identity.