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We are a month further now. And how happy has our life been this far? How positive do we are?
When I look around me for a lot of people not that as many had in mind. Or had hoped. Although ... how many people really had that in mind? And how many people hoped for that?
Because through my screen I see & hear a lot of aggression and indoctrinations coming into my living room. And there's a lot of revenge in that. And otherwise I read it on social media.

To mention just a few:

  1. a police who intervenes rather shockingly hard-handed...,

  2. politicians who keep bickering over refugees who first have to wait endlessly for deliberately sabotaging governments and civil servants who have the aim / task to include as few as possible to none refugees, or to discourage them from fleeing at all; and therefore their children who [thereby] have been born here [because life is going on in the meantime, isn't it], or are already fully integrated, nevertheless don't give a residence permit; making them either a more uncertain existence in the country of origin, or a much worse fate ...,

  3. an industry that -en masse- is trying to do divide-and-rule business with increasingly more mafiose tricks. And politics that lets itself be tyrannized conformistically; through a mafia family culture who does everything possible to make and keep the division in rich and poor as big as possible ..., 

  4. not to speak of political parties that [with the help of mafiose family cultures] try to obtain sole domination in a sneaky manner; among others by trying to increase their societal finger in the pie on all fronts. And to maintain and extend class justice by putting certain families, companies & individuals [in a divine image] above the law and punishing others twice as hard; both economically and otherwise ...

And then this is just the tip of the iceberg ...
Not something to be cheerful about. How do you deal with that?

Damage and shame make people wise ..., they say. But you can question that. That may be the case for a few, the herd behavior of the homo sapiens shows that they want to learn little from damage and disgrace. Not from their own damage and shame, and not from those of others.

We will have to do with it, whether we like it or not. And try to make the best of it personally. To own acquired insights.

Improve the world and start with yourself. Who that is? That is up to you.