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Friends in family business politics

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Cringe-making was it, the course of events surrounding the appointment of EU senior civil servant Martin Selmayr [former cabinet chief of Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission], to secretary-general of the European Commission. Within 9 minutes, the cabinet chef was promoted, through a promotion to deputy secretary general, to being the highest boss of the EU, according to the NOS.

Apart from the European Commission, the outrage was everywhere. The entire European Parliament did not have a good word for it and will examine the course of the appointment itself. The Dutch Arjan Lubach also gave the case a ludic informing cuff on the ears in 'Zondag met Lubach'.

Elsevier weekly magazine reports that according to the committee, the rules were followed in a 'religious way' in this lightning fast advance. And the AD says that Martin Selmayr was already aware of the SG vacancy in September 2015. So foreknowledge.

Exactly that which many people hate. Why politics in general and the EU in particular are so distrusted.
Moreover, the European Commission gives it religious implications as well. In the form of a [divine] flash appointment. Thanks to Juncker's 'Christian politics'. Who knows where Abraham gets the power from ....

Which the electorate chooses massively.

After all, that has already learned at a young age that it can be beneficial to spawn [divine] parents with obedience doing what they want. That that - with a little luck and manipulation - repays in Abramistic and Saraïstic [family] leadership. At least, that is the [divine] lure. There they bet on and invest in. But whether and how that pays back?

At best you will be chosen as the ancestor/leader of a large people, and/or you will manage many human and material possessions, but many of them are jealous or envious of you. With all the manipulative and revengeful consequences of that.

In the least favorable case it is a matter of try to survive. You will not be seen differently ... than one of the many [family business] slaves. But no one envies you ...

In other words,

however you turn or turn it, in all cases there is a price tag to [family / business / political] leaders spawn and sow followers.


Should we still be surprised that a large part of humanity is and stays so focused on like-knows-like? That since 21 March 2018 the municipal councils in the Netherlands exist on average for 1/3rd from local parties? That local politicians are expected to be immediately ready for the slave people to give personal attention and help for all sorts of complaints, such as loose paving stones, thresholds in types and sizes and? That more and more people are focused on short-sighted self-interest and nepotism in the family, the immediate surroundings, at work and in local politics? That the slave people too measure with two sizes? That the Average family is just as stoic deaf for reasonable arguments and criticism as the family/business/political leaders at the top?

That history repeats itself time after time and humanity has still not learned his/her [divine] family lesson?


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