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Below are both personal definitions of terms used in various texts, as a collection of links of historical and contemporary facts. The information is derived from wikipedia, and other [scientific and journalistic] sources and bundled up to my own insights. It is intended as background information, which gives additional facts and insights on specific topics which fall within the context of this site. It is supplemented from time to time and expanded and corrected where necessary.


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An attack is a mental and/or material attempt to overthrow others. The motives can be all sorts. The starting point (s) of the attacker (s) is that the other (s) pose a threat to themselves and/or the group to which the other feels connected, or has associated them for rational or strategic reasons. The attacker does not want or sees no opportunities to reach a settlement through consultation and coordination.

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Brainwashing is systematically changing of a person's thinking and actions. Is it with violent means and methods, virally, someone's yet to develop or already developed ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits [in other words, the - wether or not potential - Ich Adult of Freud and Harris], change and submit to the [Über-Ich-Parent] demands of the family environment leader, in such a way, until the original identity has been stripped and transformed into a slavish conformist [ES-Child] of dictators.
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Business behavior

Business behavior is a code of conduct based on logic, reasonableness and justice. The course of action focuses on verifiable facts and reasonable hypotheses. Openness and honesty is the trademark of business conduct, because only that is verifiable.

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A company is a legally legalized identity that, with the help of people & resources, produces, deals in and/or delivers products and/or services, with the aim of making a social contribution, in exchange for economic and/or social valuation [second meaning in dutch: value-ring].


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A conformist is a hierarchist who makes his own thinking and acting subordinate to those of others for strategic reasons.
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A crime is to act at the expense of others in a physical, relational, intellectual, economic and/or political-social sense.

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A criminal is someone who favors himself and/or the group to which he/she belongs, mentally, physically, relationally, intellectually, economically and/or politically-socially at the expense of others.

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Culture is a collection of ideas [in Dutch: think-images], conditions, codes of conduct and habits created by individuals and groups that is expressed in day, week, year and life formats, activities and products.


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Dementia is no longer looking through the eyes of yourself but through the eyes of others. The result is no longer using and developing your own knowledge and skills and memory, but that of others. And thus a deterioration of your own memories, skills and preferences and becoming increasingly dependent on others.
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Democracy is on the condition of not damaging yourself and others, giving everyone the chance to be an individual who determines what he or she wants, can and does and who he or she is, what he or she has, knows and forms and what and who he or she knows, and how he or she propagates and aligns it with others. 
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Depression is not dealing well with the given circumstances. Is not taken enough distance from unreasonable people and situations mentally and physically.
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Education is [helping with] gathering, analyzing, (re) organizing, integrating and applying information in order to function in the desired way, to be able to align with others at the right distance and to maintain this - both individually and collectively - fairly and [further] develop, in a manner that will not harm anyone. 
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Emotion is the classification of sensory perceived stimuli and that typify as envy, aversion, scared, sad, happy, angry, jealous and so on. In other words, is the emotional perception of sensory stimuli grouping and linking with chemical substances and circumstances and recording this procedurally in the memory. Listening to your emotions is to include the previously established links in your considerations and choices.
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A family is a collection of identities that, through reproduction and/or society, genetically and/or administratively are attuned to each other to a certain degree and as such show together one single family identity face. The connectedness of this collection of identities is determined by the free space that each identity has at its disposal to develop its own operating system in an equitable manner.
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Father Familias

Father Familiias is a himselve Father calling masculine reproducer who - in accordance with Roman traditions - tries to maintain the right-of-the-strongest culture in the family through forceful, DAD conditioning methods and means, by - in a troyan way - to belittle, ridicule, sabotage and/or exclude the rest of the family; in the hope that those who could surpass him will keep it out of their mind to drive him from his dictatorial family throne.

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Feeling is the sensory perception of internal and external stimuli. Listening to your feelings is what you perceive instinctively take in your considerations and choices. To be guided by your feelings and/or that of others is to make your considerations and choices subordinate to sensory stimuli of yourself and/or others. 
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Free market

The 'free market' is not more than an anarchists-gang that works together in a hyena-like manner to achieve (a)narcissistic goals. And every resistance to this manipulatively feeds into the bud, or still ruthlessly [tries to] push the head in.

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A god is a violent illusion. A narcissist who becomes devilish when confronted with truth and reality. An ostrich that only wants to see, hear and experience the positive aspects of itself. An illusionist who constantly gathers admirers around him or her to confirm the image he or she has created of themselves.
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Harassing is in a snealy way to commit individual terror. Is to overthrow and eliminate others sadistically by making fun of them, frightening them, threatening them and isolating them in order to benefit themselves.
In other words, a harasser is a [viral] sadist who is terrified that someone else is better than he or she and therefore tries to crow One-Eye king with Troyan methods.
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Hetero Humanisimus

A humane human species and successor and humane righteous counterpart to homo-sapiens. 
The difference?
The homo-sapiens has shown itself over the years as dictatorial; as happy and proud as everyone dances to her/his tune.
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Homo Sapiens

The Homo-sapiens is a chemically minded beast that at all costs, in a viral way, homo-genetically wants to rule over all living beings and is deifying itself so damm paternalistic that he doesn't want to see that he through mismanagement is destroying the world with everything alive and soon there will be nothing to rule anymore. 
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An identity is an Individual Design of an entity, or of something that exists. An ID entity. The identification key of an entity. From an entity that - no matter how small - consists of an operating system with a beginning and an end. So a body, because that is - physically speaking - an object [operating system] with a beginning and an end. An operating system that is geared to other operating systems in a certain proportion. Even in such a way that it becomes [voluntary or involuntary] part of other operating systems.
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Indifference is blowing neither hot nor cold on something. There is no right or wrong, just as truth or lie. Indifferent people put everything under the same umbrella. They are nothingists, also called nihilists. Nothing matters. Except for themselves.
Indifference is different from fatalism and apathy. The latter two don't feel able to cope with the circumstances and then say: 'what difference does it make, whether I am bitten by the cat or the dog? Or taken by God or the devil, it still remains violent and dictatorial.
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Jealousy is an emotion that makes you aware that you want something that someone else already has. The emotion draws your attention to what you want. And that can be anything, ranging from being able to something, to do something, or being something to having, knowing or forming something. So it is a handy emotion if you had forgotten what you actually wanted or hardly thought about what you want more in the near future. It also makes it in a flash clear to you that you don't have it now. That you might have wanted that.
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A masochist is a conformist who has developed the mechanism to impose on himself the sadistic demands of those whom he or she has set above themselves or have had them set, without asking themselves whether this is logical and reasonable and desirable.
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Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease is - just like dementia - struggling with the struggle between finding oneself again and adapting to the wishes/pressures of the environment and - just like in childhood, puberty and [young] adulthood - again succumbing to the everlasting nagging and compelling wishes and demands from the environment.

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Politics is systematizing and coordinating ideas, conditions, codes of conduct and habits, of identities, families, research centers and companies, in such a way, that a coherent whole is created in which everyone can develop freely, without damaging another or be damaged.

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QtecQ [previously known as Holec Projects] is the prototype of a company that went bankrupt due to mismanagement on 06-08-98.


For more information and backgrounds:

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Reaction mechanism

Reactive behavior is the ability to respond to internal and external incentives. Because we are daily overwhelmed with incentives of various kinds, we have - depending on type, time, place and priority - developed all kinds of reaction patterns and reaction mechanisms.
Response patterns provide recognisability and response mechanisms, but reduce the ability to spontaneously anticipate internal and external incentives. Many of our reaction patterns turn out to be an automatically internalized mirror pattern of parents and others. That feels safer.
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Revenge is turning off your conscience and reacting sadistically. Is damaging others mentally, physically, verbally, non-verbally, familially, relationally, intellectually, economically, culturally and/or politically....
  1. because you can't handle frustration.
  2. because something has been done to you and/or your group,
  3. because you hate them, or have an aggressive aversion to them,
  4. because you have put yourself, your group, and/or the leader of your group on a Übermensch-like pedestal.
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Sadism is not be able to cope with barriers, is to put conscience in the off-mode and to enjoy to damage everything and everyone who puts him or her the slightest obstacle in the way or would like to do so. 
In other words, sadism is a weakness, a shortcoming.
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Safety is - without the risk of damages - be able to function in the way that you think is right. Conditions for this are established agreements not to damage which are also lived up to. Appointments that only can be made by humane people, because with inhumane people it is just as bad to make agreements as with [beastlike] animals, plants, micro-organisms, virus-like species and elements. Considering that is 6 to 1 and half of it is small in size but large in number, safety is an illusion. 
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Secret alliances

A secret is something that others [some or everyone] may not know. The reasons can be both
  • willingly [e.g. humane opposition to personal, informational, economic and cultural-political crimes and terror] or 
  • unwillingly [e.g. to commit personal, informative, economic and cultural-political crimes and terror].
As soon as more than one is voluntarily involved in the secret, an alliance is created.

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Short-sighted behavior is an ostrich policy. Is to look no further than your own interest in the short term and put the rest on the long track. Is, in spite of what he suggests, one of the most important characteristics of homo-sapiens.

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Sorrow entertainment

Sorrow entertainment is a vengeful emotion. Is entertaining yourself with the sorrow of another. Both in the past and in the present there are plenty of examples of where that can lead to. Unscrupulous as he is, the homo-sapiens speaks well about it with all kinds of arguments.
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An Übermensch is a narcissist who has put himself [or has been put] on a divine pedestal and that in a paternalistic way with brainwashing methods and political, economical and intellectual means on the one hand and familial, relational and communicative means on the other hand, tries to maintain that in the Hierarchical Position.

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X - symbolism

X stands for several things. In the first place it stands for the great unknown. Better said. the unknown quantity from mathematics. The one we don't know the value of, but what we can find out with some searching and arguing. 
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Y - symbolism

Just like the X, the Y stands for multiple meanings. In the first place it is the 25th letter from the current Latin alphabet, the 20th letter from the Greek and the 6th letter from the Canaanite [usually called Phoenician] and Semitic alphabet. Thus the Y has made a whole journey from the 6th place in the Semitic alphabet - the source where the Canaanite, Greek and Latin alphabet are embroidered on - to the 25th and second to last place in the Latin alphabet.