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2.4.3. Negotiation

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Both individual and group-related, there are, indoor and outdoor, all kinds of tasks to accomplish. Every child from an early age learns to take care of themselves. Toileting, clothing, organizing things, give and take necessities, cleaning, etc. The child wants it itself and later on can and does it so. But not everything that the child can do, does it li­kewise. After all, it decides self what he or she wants to do. What he or she don't like he just doesn't. But if the other don't like it either nothing happens. And then the manipulator / negotiator comes on screen: 'would you do this for me, than I will do this for you' or, 'do you get that from me'. Or, 'if you me or us let do that, then you get that', or,' I or we will do that for you'. And there you are with your reasonable and unreasonable considerations. Because, what at first may be a reasonable question or an attractive offer, may have disastrous consequences for yourself and/or others in the long term. Especially if it becomes a habit. And after that a culture. A culture with all sorts of tasks and castings for men and wo­men, old and young, rich and poor, powerful and powerless and leaders and co-workers, who must bring and keep all this into line. 

Structurally, another lets do something, in exchange for a reward, namely has as a con­se­quen­ce.

  1. no experience in doing things on its own, therefore
  2. continuously be dependent on others, therefore
  3. continuously needs to keep and reward friends, therefore
  4. continuously busy with gathering payments.

Because another lets do something in exchange for other pursuits, delivers one-sided experiences for both parties. In other words, to barter are many snags, be­fo­re you know it, you've fallen into a un­scru­pu­lous trap. Therefore you would do bet­ter to negotiate with foresight and a righte­ous con­scien­ce.

Please know with whom you are negotiating. Its bad bargaining with egoists. How beautifully they may occur, and how many promises they do, eventually they have one goal, which delivers me the most.

In a yourself and others not damaging society, people, animals and nature can't be expressed in value, but their services.

Someone who wants to be reasonable and just, only negotiate if it's ethical, because that's the only way you act righteous and reliable.

Someone who wants to be reasonable and just, doesn't negotiate on the cutting edge in order to get the most out of it, but because of the value of something.

Someone who wants to be reasonable and just, can not be bribed, does not participate in favoritism and accepts the economic, social and relational con­se­quen­ces of ethically responsible actions.

Someone who wants reasonable and just, have no hidden agenda, don't play double games and only develops an open, honest, not damaging, righteous culture with righteous partners.