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2.3.3. Education-route

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The basic-education consists of four levels: 1. investigate, 2. structurie, 3. regulate and 4. present. This is based on my 4-phases-theory. On my hypothesis that the rational and emotional life of a human being is founded on and evolves according to the development of four phases of nine months. Together, this is called the 1st period [three years / 4x9 = 36m]. These four phases, which are a repetition of the nine months before birth, intrinsically are taking place in every individual and extrinsic, as part of a family / group in the small world at home and the big world outside. Together they form an “I want, I can, I do, I am” development in an individual, social, responsible and independant evolving process. [for more information, see Books/4-Phases theory and Vision 2.2].

Investigate. This is the inventors approach. The routes are set up as specialized la­boratories. Here we investigate the will of themselves and others.

Major periods: 0-9 m. / 0-3 yr. / 0-6 yr. / 0-12.yr. / 0-24 yr.

Structure. This is the scientific approach. The routes are set up as individualistic re­search-centres. Here the infor­ma­tion and knowledge of themselves and others is struc­tured.

Major periods: 9-18 m. / 3-6 yr. / 6-12 yr. / 12-24 yr. / 24-48 yr.

Regulate. This is the organization approach. The routes are set up as a multi-disciplinary or­ga­ni­za­ti­ons. Here, the do it yourself and not harmful attuning to others are automated.

Major periods: 18-27 m. / 6-9 yr. / 12-18 yr. / 24-36 yr. / 48-72 yr.

Present. This is the presentation approach. The routes are set up as holistic iden­tities. Here the degree of being self-con­scious are being controlled and pre­sen­ted.

Major periods: 27-36 m. / 9-12 yr. / 18-24 yr. / 36-48 yr. / 72-96 yr.