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1.2. Architectural affairs

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Homes shall be [re]built up to creative and businesslike training-centres where everyone literally and fi­gu­ratively can boost his or her heart. Houses are as far as possible self-sufficient in energy, sound insulating and two-under-one-roof or freestanding built.

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1.2.1. House-building

Homes are built as creative and business training centres where every occupant li­te­ral­ly and figuratively get the room to boost his or her creative and businesslike heart.

Existing houses shall – with retaining of historical features – as much as possible be converted to creative and bu­si­nesslike training-centres.

Houses consist as many as possible of low-rise building with garden with observance to enough space and privacy [see 4.2.2/2, Ed­ward T. Hall].

Flats are equipped with spacious balconies.

Houses are sound insulating built so that sufficient music and other sounds can be made without disturbing others. This applies to both the exterior and interior walls.

Houses are self-sufficient in energy created. This means: good thermal insulation in cavitiy-walls and under roof, ge­nerating own power via solar panels, storing excess power in supplying batteries and the rest deliver on power sta­tions, reusing hot water from shower and washing machine for heating house, collection rainwater for toilets and garden and so on.

The houses are as many as possible built as detached or semi-detached, with the living room to the backyard and the kitchen into the front yard.