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1.1. Housing

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The UN / government is the, by the citizens designated, authority to ensure that all humans have a safe and com­for­ta­ble accommodation and the housing market is trans­for­med into a measure-made hire-purchase home.
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1.1.1. Accommodation

Every person / identity has the right to a safe and comfortable accommodation in oneself and in the world.

Every childlike and adult human being must be able to think, feel and function safe in themselves and in the hou­se where he or she lives in, without risks of being over­sha­do­wed by others.

Every adult has the right to own property, from the age of 18.

A house comprises at least a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and shed.

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1.1.2. House facility

The local, national and international government / UN is, as a by the citizens de­sig­na­ted service provider, res­pon­si­ble that everyone has a roof over his head.

Homeless people has to provided immediately with suitable ac­com­mo­da­ti­on [see 4.2.2/2, Edward T. Hall].

In the absence of housing the government must intervene quickly and adequet with fast-finished hou­ses, conver­ting vacant industrial spaces, etc.

The government / UN periodically takes stock of the amount of housing and a prog­no­sis of the expected increase or decrease in housing demand. At this is taken into account both rent and for sale houses, as well as type of hou­se and living needs of the occupants.

Buy and rent costs are settled on the basis of size, facilities and location. Everyone can rent a house based on need [rent-to-measure]. Increase in prices will only take place on the basis of inflation cor­rec­ti­on, improved facilities and environment. By reducing of the value of the house and / or en­vi­ron­ment, an interim price reduction takes pla­ce. For the lower in­co­mes a discount based on income is calculated. The social housing will be abolished.

Renting a house is considered as a buy-share and as such recorded. The tenant may as wished tem­po­ra­ri­ly or pe­ri­o­dically pay off more and faster. After full payment, administration and main­te­nan­ce costs will be charged by the landlord. These can also be repaid in monthly installments. In pre­ma­tu­re move the tenant gets the already paid rent back, minus the administration and main­te­nan­ce costs.