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2.2.1. 'I want' time

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0 m: I want determine myself what I want. This is the investigation phase. At this stage the child learns to dis­co­ver what is available in the world, what is accessible and what is out of reach, what is free and where which pri­ce-­tag is on it. Learns the child to make weigh-ups, selections and choices.

9 m: I want and you want. This is the empathy phase. The ability to imagine oneself in someone else's thoughts and ex­periences. In this phase will be learned how the wishes of the one, on yourself or others not da­ma­ging way and dis­tance, can be attuned to others. 

18 m: I want this but not that. This is the enterprising phase.Here are, on the condition of not damaging your­self and others, as many options offered as possible, because exploring opportunities and making own choices, based on a broad offering is the foundation of any iden­ti­ty. Without a wide range of possibilities, not only the choi­ces are limited and therefore still, on an trojan way, driven in a by others desired direction For example, "to ma­ke it ea­sier '[easier for whom?], but also not practiced in ana­ly­zing and weighing of the pros and cons.

27 m: I want to be myself. This is the identity phase. Is the realization that you are an trinity of that what you want, can and are doing. learning to make responsible choices is therefore for everyone, young and old, children and adults, of great im­por­tance. Reconsidering belongs to that. Reconsidering means that something isn 't quite clear yet. That not sufficient information is available, the information isn't appropriately linked to knowledge, there a con­flict is ari­sing with old information and previous experiences, or that they are hesitating because of the con­se­quen­ces of each choice entail [if I choose another find me stupid, I'm excluded or mentally, physically, economically and­/or cul­tu­ral-socially threatened].